Is the iPhone 6 Better than Android?! Freddie Wong Weighs In

There is no Jessica Chobot, there is only Freddie Wong!

On today’s episode of Nerdist News, everyone’s favorite Rocket Jumper takes over the show to tell us when we might be getting the iPhone 6, what major changes are in store for the device, and how it’ll best Samsung and the Android! PLUS, Dan Casey writes in with a dispatch from the front lines of the Pull List!

Enjoy today’s show, come see us again tomorrow, and let us know in the comments below which OS you side with! Oh, and make sure you listen to Jessica Chobot and CM Punk talk to Freddie and the RocketJump gang in their Comic-Con Facerocker podcast!

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  • LOL yah android blows WinPhone ftw lawl–
    *frantic whispering*
    Oops. I’m in the wrong here. I suck.
    Also, wow, that sound leveling at the beginning. “And this is nhnahrhnignrngn” 

  • Freddy was good  I like him a lot… he’s welcome back on my screen at any time…. Chobot is better.

    Also… Android DOES SUCK!

    And, I don’t really want a bigger screen.. the iPhone 4 was the correct size for a PHONE!  I want a phone, not a tablet.. 

    • Well, he’s technically comparing two operating systems because iPhones have the proprietary Apple OS. This is part of the problem. I’ve talked in depth with a very successful hedgefund manager about this, and he uses iPhone exclusively because of the software (which was a little weird to hear at first.) He believes it to be better made and more secure than any Android phone out there and the truth is that he’s probably right. He *hates* his iPhone, but won’t switch because the software is better. Google has dozens of different types of phones in circulation, all made by different companies but running their Android software on it. It means that they have to design it with a “one size fits all” mindset instead of focusing on making one software with one type of phone with one processor that they are in control of. You can just see that it’s different by the companies. Motorola has slightly different software than Samsung which is also different from HTC. There are currently 40 different phones made by 4 different companies that are getting the latest 4.4 Kitkat update for the Android software compared to the single iPhone 5S and backwards compatibility of the older models. 
      All this being said, I’m still an Android user just because I like the UI better and I like Swype typing.

  • I think the major difference here between Android and Iphone. Is you can customize the android in the way you that you would want your phone to be. You just want a phone, bam, it’s just a phone, leave it alone. You want features like wlan calling, administrative access to remote servers, ect. ect. Then go through and customize your phone for that. You can even unlock the darndable thing, flash it to what ever OS you want and be good with it. The android OS is also a half open source system as well. So you can literally MAKE your own phone OS if you want. SO the android is more for the system admin or the guy who likes to tinker. While the Iphone is more for the casual, I just want a phone and a few mobile games guy. I honestly don’t like the Iphone but I can see it’s appeal. I think it’s mostly to me about the price verses what you get. Iphone just costs way more then an android and your technically getting less. I can do so much more with an android then I can an Iphone. The android is going to end up lasting longer for me in the long run as well, because of all of the things I can do with it.

  • Really? People always say the iPhone is simpler and they dont need all the features and customization. That is, until iPhone gets it. Then its the newest, greatest advancement in technology. when the S4 and 5s were announced, iPhone people talked a lot about how they loved the smaller screens and didnt need bigger ones. Now look at them. When the S3 had pull down menus with quick settings, iPhone people said it was unnecessary, yet they jizzed when iOS 7 included them. As for the simpler critique, theres nothing complex about android. Seriously, if you cant figure it out, you’re probably retarded. You can even put it the home screen on simple mode if you are somehow confused!