Episode 196

You Made It Weird

Jennette McCurdy

You Made It Weird #196: Jennette McCurdy

Jennette McCurdy (iCarly, Sam & Cat) makes it weird!

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  • I went through a similar thing with my Grandma last February. She was the most religious grandparent I had and the ONLY grandparent who’s sense of life I didn’t “feel” leave this world. She’s popped up a few times in my dreams and my dad’s, but I’ve felt bad for my mom who hasn’t gotten any sort of “visit” at all. It sucks because you want more from them. My dad once said that he thinks the reason grandma hasn’t “visited” my mom is because she didn’t need it. Part of me thinks that bullshit, but maybe there is truth. Or like Pete said, maybe it’s already happened and you just haven’t noticed. Like, maybe Andre was a prank on you your mother played? My condolences on your loss. PS: LOVE iCarly and Sam & Cat.

  • @Basedgod I agree having Janet would be a cool, Get on that Petey Pants. This interview was definitely more indepth and sincere that the Nerdist one. But no comparing podcasts each is entertaining in their own way.

  • I like her. A lot.

    I went into this with reluctance, cause I mean 21 year old Nick star? What value is this to me? I hadn’t even watch her Vines. Ugh, I’m a jerk.

    Actually it had a lot of value and I’m glad I listened.

    I’m a decade older than her, hell, my sisters are older than her, but talking about bad kissers is still an important conversation and I mean that. Also, as a person who lost my mother when I was around her age and also my father — I related so very much.

    I wish I had her confidence at that point, cause regardless of what you do and how old you are, being able to cut to chase is a great life lesson, if only because awkward moments are under-appreciated.

    Also, very nice that she brought up her religion experience from age 8. It’s so easy to brush children off as not having anything important to say or think, but that was clearly a memory for her and her family respected that, which is pretty amazing.

    Again, I liked her a lot.