Episode 140

Sex Nerd Sandra

Struggling with Monogamy,…

Sex Nerd Sandra #140: Struggling with Monogamy, LIVE in DC with Twanna Hines and Jenn Tisdale (Part 1)

DRAMA! Sex Educator Twanna Hines and comedian Jenn Tisdale help Sandra explore the myriad questions of monogamy. TOPICS: Dating Complications, When a Relationship Begins, Denying Feelings, Ongoing Intention, James Deen, Being a Good Person, One-Sided Monogamy, Keeping Secrets, Managing Your Relationship, Appreciating What You Have, Runaway Train, Attraction, Guilt, Flirting, Needing Attention, and Jealousy. Stay tuned next week when we pickup on jealousy… AND BEYOND!


Twanna A. Hines, M.S., is an award­-winning educator and columnist focused on the sociology of sexuality and its relationship to culture and Internet technology. Founder of Funky Brown Chick, she has appeared on CNN, NPR, Sirius, CBC (Canadian National Radio), and Paris Première (French Television). She has written for Lifetime, Mashable, New York Press, Fast Company, The Huffington Post, and Al Jazeera. She has also been quoted in a host of outlets throughout the U.S., from New York magazine to the San Francisco Chronicle.


Jenn Tisdale is a DC comic and writer for Brightest Young Things. The best/worst place to find her is on Twitter at @Jenn_Tisdale.