Bryan Bishop
Episode 532

Nerdist Podcast

Bryan Bishop

Nerdist Podcast: Bryan Bishop

Bryan Bishop (Bald Bryan from The Adam Carolla Show) sits down with Chris for a more serious topic. They talk about Bryan being diagnosed with a brain tumor, his 5 anniversary of the diagnosis after been giving a 6 month expiration date, and having a good attitude and using humor to keep him positive in the worst of times!

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  • i literally ha never heard a more appropriate (missed) opportunity to reference “i’d rather have a bottle in front of me than have to have a frontal lobotomy” than the discussion at the end of this podcast about chris’ book tour vs. bald bryan’s book tour.

  • Some people deserve to get cancer because they are jerks. Bryan Bishop is not one of them. The guy that cut in line in front of me at Subway is.

  • As someone who also was diagnosed with what sounds like the same type of brain tumor — but different location — and given the same prognosis, it was a terrifying experience. My tumor was operable, and after the whole experience my only lingering effect is a partial loss of sight in my right eye. Luckily we both had support from family and friends. I’m still here years later too, they say I’m doing well — and now I even have a baby on the way. We share an experience that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Stay strong.

  • Wow. That’s about all I can say after listening to this episode, and I think Bryan’s book is definitely on my “next to read” list. I definitely wish I’d had it when I went through my health issues over the last few years. There’s really nothing more terrifying than sitting in a room waiting for a doctor to pronounce what your future will be, and sometimes humor is the only way to get by. Just a truly phenomenal interview, Chris!