What’s Inside the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Starter Box? Let’s Livestream and Find Out!

Gather round, ye brave adventurers, and prepare yourself for the roleplaying experience of a lifetime… for Wizards of the Coast’s 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set is available in every village, hamlet, haunted castle, and gaming retailer today. Now, roll for initiative!

Intended as a simple and straightforward introduction to the new 5th Edition D&D game rules (the rule set formerly known as D&D Next), the Starter Set is fully equipped with everything you need to jump right into the game with your friends, family, and mind flayers. Included amongst the treasures contained within are a Rulebook that zeroes in on the most essential rules and mechanics of the game, a classic fantasy-flavored adventure module, the “Lost Mine of Phandelver”, five pre-made characters designed for the adventure complete with backstory and roleplaying tips, and the requisite set of dice needed to play. The only thing missing is a hilariously inopportune critical failure by the players during the final battle of the adventure — but, c’mon, that’s on you, guys. And if you really want to jump into the new rules, Wizards of the Coast has provided the full Basic Rules for free download over at

Want to see the new box and rules in action? And don’t mind a few spoilers for the included “Lost Mine of Phandelver” adventure? Then be sure to check out the Nerdist livestream on our Twitch channel today at 2:30pmPT.

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