What if We Reacted to Everyday Situations Like World Cup Fouls?

Watching the World Cup is one of my favorite things in the world as it brings soccer to a global audience and gives my usually non-sports-loving friends a reason to obsess over the beautiful game with me. Unfortunately, soccer is, increasingly, becoming a second home for Olympic divers in the off-season. No, not real Olympians, but they’re pretty darn skilled at taking a dive when they come into even the slightest of contact with another player. Ridiculous fouls, Oscar-worthy performances, and general on-field histrionics have become par for the course, much to the dismay of many fans. Canadian production company Fourgrounds Films realizes just how absurd of a trend this is and calls it out in the best way possible — by imagining if normal people reacted to everyday situations in the same way professional footballers do to perceived “fouls”. The result, while a little overlong, is definitely entertaining and worth your time.

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