Watch Last Night’s @midnight Uncensored with Aisha Tyler, Wil Wheaton, and Kevin Pereira

Last night’s @midnight brought together some of the funniest and web savviest comedians in town for one of the raunchiest, most entertaining episodes in a while. Not to say that previous panels weren’t up to snuff; rather, the confluence of Tyler, Wheaton, Pereira and the single creepiest bounce house ever found on Craigslist made for one hell of an episode. Now, the fine folks at Comedy Central have removed the FCC from the equation and have the full, uncensored, unexpurgated, extended version of last night’s episode up for your viewing pleasure. While we can’t embed the full episode here, we can give you a taste of the social media-fueled smorgasbord of jokes in clip form below.

Rapid Refresh 

Hashtag War: #Depressing Disney

Low-Cost Cosplay

You can watch the full episode here. What was your favorite bit from last night’s episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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