The First Trailer for SyFy’s 12 MONKEYS Has Arrived!

Since it was first announced, there’s been a lot of speculation on what SyFy’s adaptation of Terry Gilliam’s cult-hit 12 Monkeys was going to look like. Things got even more interesting when Nikita alums Aaron Stanford and Noah Bean were cast in the lead roles thanks to co-creators/executive producers (and also Nikita alums) Travis Fickett and Terry Matalas. Since announcing the series would premiere in January 2015, SyFy’s been highly tight-lipped about the series in general, but that changes today as the network has unveiled the first full length trailer.

According to Fickett and Matalas during their appearance on the Nerdist Writers Panel podcast, the duo has wanted to do a serialized time travel series as early as five years ago, but every time they pitched it, they were shot down because executives were afraid of doing time travel on television. But then Lost happened and suddenly the market opened up. In a stunning twist to the story, the team developed the adaptation on spec with one of 12 Monkeys original producers and presented it to SyFy. The network was instantly intrigued, green-lit the pilot, and the rest is time travel history.

It’s very clear this series is taking a much different approach to the story than Gilliam’s film. This appears to be a more serious take, which is fine because it’s hard to say whether or not the tone of the original film would be very sustainable in the full-length, multi-year television series.

What do you guys think of the first trailer for 12 Monkeys? Let us know in the comments below!

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