Second DOCTOR WHO Series 8 Teaser Reveals Old Foe

We’ve already seen the first teaser for the new series of Doctor Who premiering August 23rd at 8/7c on BBC America, and we know that, while it didn’t show us much, it did tell us that the Twelfth Doctor is unsure if he’s a good man, and Clara Oswald is unsure he even is the Doctor. It was only 15 seconds long, so not much information was shared. But the NEW teaser, a whopping 20 seconds long now, reveals a little bit more.

Not much more, mind; it’s another string of images inside the TARDIS clearly staged for the purposes of the teaser and not to be included in any episode, but a few things are very, very intriguing. Take a look, and then we’ll talk.

Umm… that sounds to me like the voice of the Doctor’s one-handed, paraplegic, Dalek-fathering nemesis Davros, doesn’t it to you? Davros has only been seen one time in the new series, in Series 4’s two-part finale “The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End.” That Dalecky-warble is unmistakable, I think. It certainly doesn’t sound like just your average Dalek. The image of the Doctor seemingly getting zapped by the Dalek’s rays and us seeing his two hearts while Davros speaks loftily about seeing the beauty in his hatred is chilling. If you’ll pardon the phrase, spine-chilling even.

We know next to nothing about the series’ first episode aside from it being feature-length and entitled “Deep Breath.” I think the return of Davros would be a particularly cinematic way to start a new Doctor’s tenure, and immediately test the Twelfth Doctor’s mettle and resolve.

I’m quite excited for the seeming return of Davros… are you? It’s not the Master, but it’s definitely one of the top 3 nemeses in the Doctor’s whole history. It definitely adds some stroke-your-beard-style mystery to the series. Can it be August already?

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