Music Geek Track Of The Day: “Funeral (Echos remix)” by Band Of Horses

Remember Band Of Horses? They were a completely solid band that somehow fell off our radar post-Gossip Girl fame, with hits such as “The General Specific” and “No One’s Going To Love You” played repeatedly on our iPod Nanos. Though the band may have drifted slightly behind the likes of larger alternative acts like Arcade Fire, Beck and even Washed Out, the band is still touring and released an acoustic album last winter. Now, the dated hit, “The Funeral” has gotten a facelift by Echos, the techno pop singer, Lexi Norton, and producer Tal Levy.

Echos’ gives the original version a dance twist while maintaining the dark, gothic tone Band of Horses had created. If Evanescence and Skrillex had a baby, this would probably be it, and lets face it, nerds — stranger things have happened.

Let Nerdist Music know what you think of the cover!

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