Music Geek Track of the Day: ‘Forgiveness’ by St. Lucia

When people daydream about if life had a soundtrack, I am always skeptical that they’ve thought beyond the umbrella of the cursory happy/sad/bedtime mixes that would play on loop every day. Certainly it must be harder to musically accompany the entropic mess that life sometimes is, especially given the fact that no two emotions are ever congruent for different people.

That’s why I was initially confused by how gloriously danceable St. Lucia‘s “Forgiveness” is. My instincts told me to prepare for a solemn track from the electronic Brooklyn-based project of Jean-Philip Grobler, but then I began to reconsider the essence of what forgiving someone is. It’s more purifying than the best juice cleanse (sup LA) you can find. And what better way to celebrate that unburdening sensation by feeling lighter on your feet and dancing in the calming light of a sunset.

Check out the track below and let us know how you would soundtrack “forgiveness” if you could. Sound off in the comments below or on twitter at Nerdist Music.