Listen to Ryan Hemsworth and Qrion’s Anime-Ready “Every Square Inch”

Ryan Hemsworth is one of my favorite producers because his songs, in my head, all have emoji analogues that perfectly filter the context of complex emotions into a distilled expression. For his most recent track, “Every Square Inch,” the Canadian producer tagged the song with the infamous cry-smile #:’), which surprised me quite frankly. I definitely imagined the coy, rosy smile emoji for this beatific track.

The best description of this bubbly jam that he and japanese producer Qrion composed is already succinctly written by Hemsworth on the track’s original SoundCloud page:

this song is not about kissing or anything like that.


So coy! Can’t you just imagine teenaged anime characters scampering through a lush, green landscape with some sort of rabbit-esque talking animal by their side. In their universe of impossibly iridescent colors these characters are gradually, but most assuredly, falling in love innocently to “Every Square Inch.”

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