Firefly! Indiana Jones! A Whole Mess of Avengers! Watch Sneaky Zebra’s MCM London Comic Con Video NOW

Damn, London! I like to shoot my mouth off about how Southern California has the best cosplay, on account of the many folks from the costume and makeup design industries who live here. But then I watched this most excellent video from Nerdist Alliance members Sneaky Zebra, showcasing the cosplay at May’s MCM London Comic Con and now I’m not so sure anymore. Of course the new Star Wars and most of the Marvel movies are shot in jolly ol’ London town, so it stands to reason that the fans in this video look pretty effing spectacular. The music from Can’t Stop Won’t Stop and editing kick all kinds of ass as well.

I’m particularly fond of the Serenity crew, the Black Canary caught mid-scream, the Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood, and the Edward Scissorhands. Well done, Blighty. Bloody well done.

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