Canine Captain America is the Most Patriotic (and Cutest) Thing on Four Paws

And in today’s cosplayer pet news… Last week saw the launch of the New York Comic-Con’s “quirky offshoot” Special Edition: NYC. Featuring appearances by creators like Darwyn Cooke, Chris Claremont, Michael Allred, and Kurt Busiek, the festival appears to have drawn a healthy number of attendees, wooed by its focus on both indie and mainstream comics, without the film and television add-ons of its big brother. But the highlight of the weekend for many was the appearance of Canine Captain America.

Oh God, that shield… The Beat’s Heidi McDonald tells us that “canine Cap is definitely the most tweeted and instagramed cosplayer of the day!” And it’s pretty easy to see why. Never satisfied, however, I want a full set of Avengers to join this Labrador Retriever. Give me a Great Dane Thor, a Boston Terrier Iron Man, a Newfoundland Hulk, an Airedale Terrier Hawkeye, and a Greyhound Black Widow. And please assemble them for me at San Diego Comic-Con. Thank you.

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