Artist Recreates GAME OF THRONES, DOCTOR WHO Characters in This Adorable Pop Culture Fan Art

Artist María Pérez Pacheco has impressive skills with pencils and watercolors, and she uses her talent to express her love for all things geeky. I love when that happens because we all win. Her art style reminds me of illustrations you’d find in children’s picture books, and yes, she makes characters look incredibly cute.

Pacheco’s gallery of work features all sorts of images from pop culture. You’ll spot Anna and Elsa from Frozen, various doctors from Doctor Who, a line-up with people and animals from Game of Thrones (Arya has the best expression!), and the crime-solving duo from Sherlock among others. Her interpretation of the “Raggedy Man, Goodnight” scene before Matt Smith’s regeneration makes me tear up a little. The drawings in the background put it over the top – see the one of the Doctor eating fish fingers and custard?


It’s almost impossible to choose a favorite, but I’m going to ask you to anyway. Jump to the comments and tell me which piece you like best!

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