Alex G Has Released an Album of Indie Rock Gold

In the past year and a half, Brooklyn-based label Orchid Tapes has hit a hell of a stride, consistently releasing some of the most engaging indie rock/bedroom pop on the internet. Run by Warren Hildebrand and Brian Vu, it is really f–king punk to be perfectly honest with you–two dudes putting out the kind of music they think should be heard and slowly-but-surely taking over corners of the internet.

Perhaps their most highly anticipated release thus far, DSU, comes from the Philadelphia- based, 20-year-old Alex G. He is a songwriter that comes across as both totally in touch with his own emotive prowess and completely unconcerned with the idea that he may or may not be emulating concrete sounds or specific bands (Pavement? Elliott Smith? Built To Spill? None of the above?). DSU is Alex G’s most diverse release to date and the next step toward Orchid Tapes’ indie dynasty.

Check out the whole album below and name your own price to download the release over at Alex G’s Bandcamp page.

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