Rumor: MASS EFFECT Movie Release Date Revealed?

It’s been two years since we last ventured through the universe trying to survive the Reaper onslaught in Mass Effect, and in couple more years, we may get to revisit Shepard’s realm again by way of the big screen.

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Universal is set to release a “secret film” on November 4, 2016. If you can remember that far back, the first Mass Effect video game was released in November 2007, and while that’s not exactly hitting on the ten year anniversary mark, the secret movie has been referred to as “new and not a sequel or remake.”

I know that this is quite a stretch, like the kind that needs mass effect relays to jump from one end to another, but this secret film “may be based on underlying intellectual property.” Sound legit? Well, the real twist comes with the news that Legendary Pictures is co-financing this secret film, the same production company bringing you the upcoming Warcraft movie, and who also owns the rights to Mass Effect.

Boom! Mordin Solus would be proud putting together these various strings of knowledge. Of course, this is all purely speculative and rumors come and go. There’s not even a solid script to work off of and even though it’s believed that the movie version of Shepard will be male, everything is still up in the air.

Are you eager for a Mass Effect movie or would you rather have a new game? Let us know in the comments below.

HT: VG 24/7 via THR

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