Music Geek Track Of The Day: ‘Full Moon & Empty Arms’ by Bob Dylan (Frank Sinatra Cover)

It seems to be a Bob Dylan heavy week, and by heavy I mean there was one memorable reference to the singer-songwriter on AMC’s Mad Men. You know, when that nasty Lou tries to convince the rest of the hippies in the SCD&P office that he’s as hip and cool as Dylan… Let’s face it, no one is as hip or as cool as Dylan. No one will ever be as hip or as cool as the Bob Dylan. Not even Godzilla, or Ryan Gosling, or a Godzilla-Ryan Gosling lovechild, but I digress…

Today is a day we can put Bob Dylan in the same category as Beyonce and Kanye West: good ‘ol Bob dropped a track, Full Moon & Empty Arms — a Sinatra cover — without telling anyone. You can listen to the track by clicking on this sentence.

Dylan’s version is quite similar to Sinatra’s when it comes to arrangements. He keeps it simple, using only his unique vocal twang, and classic guitar as the only major differences between the two. It’s classy and the perfect way to hint his plans for a new album.

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