GRACEPOINT’s Anna Gunn and David Tennant are Starting BETTER CALL SAUL Casting Rumors

Well if this rumor doesn’t work itself out to be true, perhaps the other one they tried to start will? Apparently anyone who’s ever appeared on AMC’s Breaking Bad has spent some time atop the “will they or won’t they be on Better Call Saul?” rumormill. This week it’s Anna Gunn’s turn. And — no surprise here — the actress would love to be a part of it.

Continuing to speak in hypotheticals sure to launch 10,000 blog posts (because man oh man do people love to hate Skyler White even though it is her husband — master drugmaker, liar, manipulative asshole, and all-around evil dude Walter White — who deserves 100% of that ire), Gunn responded to a reporter asking THE question to ask any and every Breaking Bad actor, ever, right now. Namely: are you going to be joining Jonathan Banks and Bob Odenkirk in the comedic prequel series, Better Call Saul?

“I heard a little rumor of that, but I don’t know how that’s possible,” Gunn explained, likely referring to the fact that the show will focus on Saul Goodman’s pre-Heisenberg world.

Of course that wouldn’t rule out Gunn’s Gracepoint co-star, David Tennant, from stepping into the show should she need it. Doctor Who‘s tenth regenerative existence joked that he’s “going to be in it,” before adding that he would actually — spoiler alert! — be playing Gunn’s part.

“But you know you have to be pregnant in it,” Gunn explained. “You start out pregnant.” No matter: Tennant is up to the challenge. Allons-y!

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HT: E! Online

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