Bethesda Announced New Third-Person Online Action Game BATTLECRY

Bethesda just announced a brand new free-to-play multiplayer hack-and-slash title by the name of Battlecry. The steampunk inspired battle arena game allows up to 32 players to slice, penetrate and dismember one another with big ass swords, sharp daggers and piercing arrows from a plethora of high-powered bows. Sound like something you can “buy” into? Check out the official announcement trailer for the game:

It looks like not even the omission of gunpowder from the face of the earth could stop us from mercilessly killing one another. Ah, the humanity. The game’s unique retro art style was inspired concocted by Half-Life 2 conceptual artist and Dishonored visual designer Viktor Antonov; though I can already see the Team Fortress 2 comparisons raining in from afar as more footage of this game comes to the forefront.

Stay tuned for our in-depth hands on preview of BattleCry in the near future.

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