Every Doctor Mew Needs a TARDIS Cat Condo

Forget K-9, it’s time to meet Kat-9! Cats may not be as helpful as the robotic pup, but they’re cute and furry. That counts for something. Redditor RockabillyJ built this TARDIS cat condo for his feline com-purr-nions — apparently, they’re big fans of Doctor Who. They look like they’re comfortable in the bigger-on-the-inside expanses of the TARDIS. Let’s just hope they don’t figure out how to travel through time and figure out how to rule the planet.

doctor who cat tree

Their glowing eyes could be from the camera, but what if they’re regenerating? Maybe these felines have already used their nine lives and need a fresh face. Perhaps one of them will turn into a fierce Meow Doctor and destroy his home world of Gato-frey and exter-mew-nate the Daleks. Or maybe one of the kittens will get extra lives and become Peter Catpaldi. The possibilities are endless.

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HT: Reddit

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