Get ORPHAN BLACK’s Pilot Free on iTunes and Join the Clone Club Already

If you haven’t watched an episode of BBC America’s brilliant drama Orphan Black, what in the ever-loving hell is wrong with you? No matter now, though, because the time to redeem yourself is now, as the series pilot episode, “Natural Selection,” is on iTunes now, where you can get it for free and at long last join the seestrahood (ahem, sisterhood) like no other.

For those unaware of the sci-fi thriller series’ premise, allow us to blow your minds: Tatiana Maslany stars as Sarah Manning, a lone wolf outsider type whose life is flipped on its head when she witnesses the suicide of Elizabeth Childs, a woman that looks exactly like her. Born an orphan, Sarah’s perceived troubles look all but solved when she decides to steal a bunch of money from the dead woman, only to find out that she’s actually one of several clones. Sarah, alongside several other iterations of herself, quickly find themselves mired in a secret conspiracy intent on staying hidden. Maslany plays every clone with such mind-melting clarity you’re likely to forget its the same woman playing a myriad of parts.

So heed the call of your fellow nerds and get familiar with Orphan Black before its second season return on April 9th. You really have no excuse now.

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