MARVEL And STAR WARS: An Epic Twitter Squabble

When Daddy Disney’s asleep, the kids come out and tweet. An epic twitter back and forth ensued between the official twitter accounts for Star Wars and Marvel Entertainment. It was quite a star-studded event, and it even brought about tweets from a few celebrities like:

Peter Mayhew…




…and Harry Knowles


But the main event was something to be remembered and definitely made twitter a digital madhouse for the time it took place. Feast your eyes on the most riveting exhibit of 140-character trash talking. Ring the bell and lets get it on!

















You have to admit, this friendly little squabble pretty much validated everyone’s reason for making a Twitter account in the first place. My favorite bit was the trade proposal from Star Wars, giving up Mace Windu for Nick Fury. Hilarious! Who do you think won the Twitter battle between the two? Let us know in the comments.

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