What That LEAKED DEADPOOL Clip Means for the Movie!

Alright, who’s sick of hearing about Comic-Con? It’s time we change the subject, right? Well, how about superhero movies that might never get made? That’d be a change. More or less.

On today’s Nerdist News, we’re blowin’ up the latest major movie leak – about two minutes of Deadpool test footage from attached director and Blur Studios head Tim Miller! It’s got action, it’s got comedy, it’s got a completely shattered fourth wall. In other words, it’s Deadpool! Hear our thoughts on what this leak could mean for the future of the flick, whether it’s on the right track, and whether we’d all be better off if the Merc with the Mouth returned to Marvel.

Enjoy today’s show, come on back for another serving tomorrow, and let us know in the comments below whether you think Ryan Reynolds is still the best man to take on the role of Wade Wilson!

Update: Blur Studios uploaded a HD version of the test footage to their official website.


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