Watch Chris Hardwick Take on Team Nerdist in EVOLVE!

We know our Nerdist overlord Chris Hardwick can devour a floor sandwich with no f*cks given, but can he scarf down indigenous wildlife in hopes to evolve into a giant fire-breathing beast while being chased by four vicious hunters? Lucky for him, running away from bullies just so happens to be right up his alley.

Watch a battle of epic proportions as Hardwick puts his fight or flight response to the test against big bad monster hunters Dan Casey, Brian Walton, Jessica Chobot, and myself, in what turned out to be an intense session of Turtle Rock Studios’ Evolve.

As you can see, we thoroughly enjoyed playing Evolve, and as we mentioned at the end of the video, there will be an Evolve tournament taking place next week during E3, featuring four teams of fearsome competitors captained by the Chris Hardwick hunters from the video above.

Here’s the official tournament schedule:

Noteall times are Pacific Standard Time.

Tuesday, June 10th: Dan Casey vs. Jessica Chobot, 3PM – 4PM

Wednesday, June 11th: Malik Forte vs. Brian Walton, 5PM – 6PM

Thursday, June 12th: Championship Match and Loser’s Bracket, 4PM-5PM

Be sure to subscribe to Twitch and keep an eye out for the big showdowns next week!

Who will you be rooting for? Are you looking forward to the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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