Top 5 Best Worst DOCTOR WHO Villains

It’s almost here! It’s almost here! Doctor Who Series 8 premieres tomorrow, and to celebrate, we’ve got a Who-riffic Nerdist News WTFridays for you today!

Get your sonic screwdrivers ready for Jessica Chobot‘s countdown of the best worst Doctor Who villains ever to grace the screen. We’ve got farting aliens that look like Star Wars prequel rejects, obnoxious, pukey blobs, candy-coated robots, human skin tarps, and so much more. What’s not to love/hate?! Plus, we’ve got your Best Worst Comment of the Week. Don’t blink! You won’t want to miss this timey-wimey blast of weirdness.

Enjoy today’s show, catch up with us on Monday after you’ve met Twelve, and let us know in the comments below who you’d nominate for Best Worst Doctor Who villain!

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