Thomas Lennon is Jorge Rivers: Godzilla Lawyer

Being a flashy Hollywood star doesn’t come without its fair share of lawsuits – especially when you’re as careless and destructive as our pal Godzilla. In a time where the granddaddy of kaiju’s path of chaos is showing no signs of slowing down, the people need a hero in the court of law to fight for them.

No one is more qualified for this job than Jorge Rivers, a.k.a. Thomas Lennon(Reno! 911, @Midnight): the classiest, wittiest, and most debonair enforcer of law to ever grace the earth. Today, Mr. Rivers is on the case harder than he’s ever been before, and he’s here to tell you how you can get justice against the King of Monsters.

Are you a monster yourself? Don’t worry. Jorge Rivers wants to represent you too!

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