THE DAN CAVE: The 5 Greatest Fictional Bands of All Time

Hello there and welcome to The Dan Cave! Have you grown since I last saw you? Either way, your posture looks great. Now, on to the episode!

For those who are about to rock, we salute you. Especially if you’re one of the bands that made the cut on today’s episode of The Dan Cave! Yesterday saw the debut of Liam Lynch’s wonderfully weird The Adventures of The Sweet Electric, our new sci-fi series that follows a robotic glam rock band as they make their way across the galaxy. It’s equal parts The Young Ones and The Mighty Boosh, but more importantly, it got me thinking about the rich history of fictional bands on the silver and small screens. So, naturally, I turned up the bass, waited for the drop, and came to a definitive conclusion about the 5 greatest fictional bands of all time.

Naturally, plenty of awesome real fake bands were left by the wayside, so be sure to let me know which ones I missed in the comments below. Or feel free to tell me on Twitter (I’m @osteoferocious) and tag your posts with #TheDanCave!

Want even more The Dan Cave? You can watch all previously aired episodes right here.

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