Peter Capaldi is the Darkest Doctor Yet

Doctor Who Series 8 is mere days away – are YOU ready?! Nerdist News is here to get you prepped!

On today’s show, Jessica Chobot‘s getting pumped about the announcement of the Doctor Who Extra behind-the-scenes companion series, dissecting what Series 8 is all about with Stephen Moffat’s episode guide, and breaking down the meaning behind what our sources are calling the prickliest, darkest iteration of everyone’s favorite Time Lord yet. Plus, Dan Casey is here with some Doctor Who theories and of course, this week’s Pull List. Don’t blink – cause this episode is wibblier and wobblier than time itself!

Let us know in the comments below if you’re worried about Twelve’s prickly demeanor, make sure you swing by The Dan Cave for more Who predictions, and we’ll see you tomorrow for another fresh episode of Nerdist News!

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