PAX Prime 2014: Day One Recap

“To dive deep into the depths of the shoulder-to-shoulder packed crowd of sweaty, odorous, and passionate video game fanatics is not for the faint of heart,” says no one ever. It’s actually all worth it– not only to get access to some of the hottest unreleased titles, but to party it up with with this glorious big gaming community.

Nerdist’s own Jessica Chobot, Brian Walton, and I have been on location partying it up with fellow gamers and getting the inside scoop on some of the most highly anticipated games set to release in 2015. If you we’re unable to make it out to Seattle this weekend, make sure to catch the gang’s scoops on Bethesda’s Battlecry, NetherRealm Studios’ Mortal Kombat X and Firaxis’ Civilization: Beyond Earth.

We’ll be journeying through the grueling masses of PAX Prime to discover the best indie games tomorrow, so make sure to keep it locked on here on Nerdist to see who the next big underdog in the business may be. Also, to chat anything PAX related, I’m only one tweet away, @Malik4play.

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  • The swag bags we actually sad bags. The enforcers were hella rude. The scheduling posts were muddled and unorganized. Worst thing was the scalpers. If the con would sell tickets to registered users. We all could go without 50 or more scalpers harassing everyone. If the games weren’t awesome I wouldn’t bother.