Nerdist Play: Is It Wrong to Be a Fanboy/Fangirl?

Have you ever commented on a thread in support of a gaming platform you love only to be flamed and insulted by strangers who all disagree with you? Chances are, the answer to that question is “yes.” The internet is a rough place, and with the influx of console extremists who have taken over message boards, there’s enough scrutiny to have anyone questioning if they’re in the wrong for loving and staying loyal to their favorite brands.

We get into all of that and more on today’s Nerdist Play, as I give my take on whether or not it’s a bad thing to be a fanboy. But to start things off, we take a look at arguably the best ice bucket challenge to date, courtesy of the folks at Bungie Software.

I asked folks on twitter if they’ve ever fanboy’d or fangirl’d out on any system, and here are several of the great answers that unfortunately didn’t make it into today’s episode:

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