NERDIST: PLAY – From Old School Demos to the DESTINY Beta

Imagine going to Sam’s Club on a Sunday afternoon and trying a sample of a seemingly tasty chicken finger, only to take a bite and find out that it’s undercooked and thus mildly repulsive. Surely, your first impression of said chicken finger’s brand would be less than stellar, which would gravely affect your decision to purchase . This is just a small taste of what game developers and publishers go through when they indulge in the realm of public betas– the new age of video game demos.

On this week’s PLAY, I delve into why beta trials are necessary and why the Destiny beta has been one of the most fulfilling beta trials to date. And, just like last time, we’ll take a gander at some of the gaming craziness from around the web, with Frozen‘s Anna and Elsa at the helm of this this week’s insanity.

I asked folks what their favorite demo/beta trial experience was (excluding Destiny). Here were some of my favorite answers that didn’t make it into today’s episode.

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