Nerdist: Play – 2015 Games to Start Off Your Year

While gazing at a majestic landscape, I feel the intense urge to bring closure to some of the challenges that took place before this very moment. I then bend my knees, propel myself forward, and proceed to perform a perfectly finessed triple somersault from a diving board… into a backlog of 2014 games that I did not finish.

That’s right, the high diving sequence was simply a metaphor for what pestered me the most as we left yesteryear behind– the insane catalogue of games that I needed to finish before moving on to upcoming game releases. It took great resolve and a stretch of mindless social isolation, but I somehow managed to Hakuna Matata my way into a fresh set of 365 days.

The year of 2015 certainly has a lot of promise when it comes to game content, and on today’s edition of Nerdist: Play, we’re going to highlight which titles you should be looking out for while kicking off year two of the eighth generation of game consoles.

I hyperextended my social media thumb while tweeting in celebration of the Green Bay Packers playoff victory over the weekend, so no Twitter question for today. But if you want to have your voice heard on the next episode of PLAY, be sure join the conversation with yours truly over on Twitter!

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