HARRY POTTER Spin-Off and Ride Updates

Happy Hump Day, friends! We’re gonna get through it together. I promise. Y’know what’ll help? A heaping helping of Nerdist News!

On today’s show, we’ve got a release date for the first Harry Potter spin-off movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, a new look at the upcoming Escape from Gringotts ride, a director for Star Trek 3, a trailer for Shinji Aramaki’s reboot of Appleseed, and of course, your weekly Pull List with Dan Casey! Yeah, that’s right. We’re newsin’ hard today.

Enjoy the show, come back and see us again tomorrow, and don’t forget to leave a comment for our Godzilla Week prop giveaway! Tell us what your first move would be if Godzilla came a-stompin’ through your city and you can win a military backpack or some rad goggles from the set! Don’t forget to let us know which you’d prefer!

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  • Well,,, Mrs.Chobot if i could only chose one prop i would pick the goggles. Dan would of let me have both but i  digress. My first move would be to film a shitty vertical recording on my phone and save it then sell it to the Internets, as fast as i can.Yes all of the Internets,,,,,,, all of them!!!!!  mwahahaha!!!!!!!

  • I’d really dig getting that backpack and if Godzilla attacked my neighborhood I’d take my private plane to japan find the twin fairies to get mothra and watch the carnage

  • Hey Jess, I would like to get that backpack. If Godzilla was attacking, I would give him a Snickers and then he would change into Chris Hardwick and we could hang out – Points.

  • I’m not entirely fussed which item could wing it’s way to be as either look awesome. Godzilla isn’t going to attack Glasgow, Scotland as this isn’t the USA or Japan, so I’d simply point him towards New York, do a little Godzilla victory dance with him and watch as he fires his breath out, takes off and flies towards New York City. Good luck, Americans!

  • Hey jess, I’d love that backpack. The first thing I would do if Godzilla attacked would be summon a different kaju, grab some popcorn, and let the battle commence!

  • I want those goggles. If Godzilla attacked first thing I’d do is run to the nearest phone, call up mi hombre Jorge Rivers, and sue the big G for everything he’s got.

  • I’d love the goggles and if Godzilla attacked my neighbourhood I would bring all my electronics to my basement and play video games cause if he attacks you cant run from him so at least i can enjoy my last few minutes on earth with a slight possibility of survival.

  • I’d want those sweet goggles, milady, cuz they’d be the first thing i’d don as soon as i saw the faintest of shivers in the see-through water cup i keep around for, you know, monsters attacks and/or earthquakes.

  • Hi Jess! I’d love the goggles prop! If Godzilla attacked I’d get some harnesses and climbing gear, try to climb up the legs or tail and onto its back, because when’s the next chance anybody is ever going to have to ride Godzilla?

  • Aw, man that backpack would be awesome for post-apokalyptic overland travel. cuz after Gojira steps on the internet building humanity will revert to monkey status and actually start going outside again…so travelling is probably what i’d do.

  • I would pick the backpack if godzilla attacked i would probably grab my cat and my fridge id probably die trying to carry my fridge but atleast i will die with the love of my life….food

  • I would love that backpack! If Godzilla were to attack my neighborhood what would I do? Well I would first start recording the attack much like Cloverfield. Secondly, I would sit back and enjoy the show. Not much to miss in this crappy neighborhood lol.

  • I would love the goggles. If godzilla attacked my neighboorhood I would probably get in my car and drive out as quick as possible. I don’t live in a huge city so not much possibility of that much traffic.

  • I would love the backpack! If Godzilla was attacking I would go up to the top of the tallest building with rock climbing gear then descend down right to his hand and give him an epic high five and probably die doing it but still it would be highly epic.

  • I would like the backpack, if i saw godzilla the first thing i would do is scream, oh my god its godzilla! (in a japanese accent). then go to my local store get supplies then take a trip to find mothra to fight him!

  • i would like the goggles :D. if the almighty Godzilla attacked my home town i would pull out my earthquake suit. it makes me look important and i would get rescued first. <.< 

  • The only logical conclusion i can come to, to counter a Godzilla attack. Is to round up every last Japanese man in my neighborhood, make a run to Target for an assortment of chemicals and gloves, and attempt to create a beast powerful enough to counter the lizard menace.

  • That backpack would be awesome. If our favourite green giant (that is not the Hulk) would attack my neighborhood, I would offer him some beer and german sausage to calm him down. Godzilla in Germany would be a great movie title, too.

  • Rock the backpack, fill it with the Godzilla eggs and seduce the beast back to the ocean depths chasing me and the eggs BAM Japan saved!… or does this only work with raptor eggs in JP3?

  • Definitely want that backpack, and in all likelihood, I’d grab on to his tail and see how far was I could get before he noticed, or the excessive radiation poisoning from his body killed me.

    In either case, I’m guessing about 12 blocks.

  • Goggles.I live sometime away from any big cities, but if Godzilla attacked my town, I’d cry, probably sh** myself, curl up in a ball, cry some more, then look at myself in the mirror, give myself a riveting speech about being a man, go to the local weapons shop, buy all the guns I could, go to find Godzilla, stare up at its massive frame, drop the guns, and then run away crying and gibbering as I choke out how stupid leaving the house was

  • The Goggle would be my pick and if Godzilla attacks my neighborhood.
    I’ll wear the goggle with a surgical face mask and attempt to use sleeping gas on Godzilla. If that doesn’t work, i can always go and start my life over as a tuna farmer, cause everyone knows Godzilla prefers the city and loves tuna.
    All Hail Our Glorious Overload!!

  • That backpack would be cool. I would probably sit down with the ol’ Godzilla over a cup of coffee and talk about life, the universe, and everything. He probably has some stuff to get off his chest.