HARRY POTTER Spin-Off and Ride Updates

Happy Hump Day, friends! We’re gonna get through it together. I promise. Y’know what’ll help? A heaping helping of Nerdist News!

On today’s show, we’ve got a release date for the first Harry Potter spin-off movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, a new look at the upcoming Escape from Gringotts ride, a director for Star Trek 3, a trailer for Shinji Aramaki’s reboot of Appleseed, and of course, your weekly Pull List with Dan Casey! Yeah, that’s right. We’re newsin’ hard today.

Enjoy the show, come back and see us again tomorrow, and don’t forget to leave a comment for our Godzilla Week prop giveaway! Tell us what your first move would be if Godzilla came a-stompin’ through your city and you can win a military backpack or some rad goggles from the set! Don’t forget to let us know which you’d prefer!

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  • I want the backpack. I guess it doesn’t really matter if I got the backpack if Godzilla was attacking and all. I’d probably throw it at him and run.

  • I would kindly ask for the goggles. If Godzilla attack my neighborhood I would scream It’s Godzilla and then find Fiat car and let him eat me so he can choke, then if he dies I would call myself the Slayer of a King

  • backpack- When Godzilla attacks I would find a set of drift compatible twins, a pair of australians (daddy issues not required), and two post soviet style russians. They are the worlds best hope when jagers become a thing. #points.

  • gotta go for the backpack PLAN A: go all attack on titan on big ‘Zilla and save everyone become a huge hero and have a statue erected, a museum for all my heroics PLAN B: throw a Nokia at him that would do the trick PLAN C: Go super sayian

  • If godzilla attacked id be pretty much safe because i live in finland and godzilla always goes for US or japan. Also i dont think godzilla would like it here in the cold. I like the goggles

  • I would take the backpack. And if Godzilla were to attack my neighborhood, I would run like hell because the fat guy always dies first in horror movies. 

  • Goggles. And honestly if Godzilla attacked we would all pull out our smartphones and live tweet, snapchat and instagram our doom to all our “friends.” I’d probably snag some footage, just incase I survive, while probably running away in terror or frozen in awe… either way there is probably a good chance of urination.

  • If Big G was attacking my city, I’d break down, crying, because he was real and be terrified at the Same time. But I’m sure I’d be compelled to hitch a ride on his dorsal fins, somehow. 

  • Goggles. If Godzilla were to come to my neighborhood i would pick up my 3 EASY STEPS on speaking Kaiju comunicate with the beast, get him to have a tea party with my two year and then BURN ALL THE ENEMIES!!

  • The backpack and the first thing I would do is stare up at him in awe. But don’t worry I know I wouldn’t die because I would be the main character.

  • The backpack. My first move would be to turn to the person next to me to make sure I was not just dreaming or hallucinating. Then give the classic GODZILLA yell and star running in the opposite direction. While chanting the Mothra summoning song.

  • Goggles
    What would I do? Pull up bird sounds on my PC and try to rig an array of speakers. Godzilla 1985 found out they could be used to guide him. And hey, being the guy who stopped Godzilla would be /awesome./

  • I would like that backpack. Seriously, my plan would be to run away or either stand out in the middle of whatever city I am in and point yell in a bad, mildly offensive, Japanese accent and scream “Ruuuuuun It’s Godzilla” before being crushed by him. In my opinion, totally worth it.

  • If Godzilla attacks my neighborhood? Wait a minute… is this about the large shopping center sized meat piles I put out around my neighborhood with a big LED signs declaring the piles for Godzilla Consumption only? Maybe not… I really like that back pack. I wouldn’t mind it.

    If Godzilla would attack my neighborhood what would I do?

    According to the Shadowpack Proclamation under article 9 subsection 3a I would be permitted to use any means of defence to ward off an omega level threat such as Godzilla, Time Lords, Kyptonians, Delaks, Cybertonians, those aliens from Independence Day Movie and of course Jar Jar Binks. Oddly enough articles 12 through 39 exclusively deals said creature known as Jar Jar Binks, some scared dark stuff there. Oddly enough the Time War was actual over who gets to kill Jar Jar.

    Personally I would do nothing because I would have already made a deal with Godzilla at the point before he attacks my neighborhood to start a world tour of driving out the soulless politicians and lawyers who created him. I would have maps, bios, photos and a cookbook on how to prepare them properly.

    You know that was a really cool backpack… I would love to have it.

    BTW in the end it is Jar Jar Binks we have to worry about. He secretly watches us, waiting for us to drop our guard and boom… Disney makes a new kid show named The New Adventures of Young Jar Jar Binks. Beware of the creature who brought the Sith to power. He is the secret Master of Darth Sidious and the Dark Lord over Emperor Palpatine.

    Oh yes, I would love to get that backpack. I am not sure if I had mentioned it.

  • I would love to have the backpack, I would settle with anything though including the goggles.
    Honestly if my neighborhood was attacked by GODZILLA! I would probably resort to the Chihuahua nature in me. What does that mean? I would yelp at it uncontrollably until it got close and then I would probably hump it’s leg feverishly while it kept going on destroying my beloved neighbors.

  • I would probably talk to him about his childhood and that he’s really angry at his father. Then tell him to express himself less violently, and that I charge by the hour.

  • Goggles;  If Godzilla came at me “With a purposeful grimace and a terrible sound,
    He pulls the spitting high tension wires down.

    Helpless people on a subway train,
    I would “Scream bug-eyed as he looks in on them”

  • Prop: backpackMy first move: If godzilla was attacking my home town I would find a desk and a camera record myself and say ” and now for something completely different.” Like the show Monty Python

  • If Godzilla would attack in my neighborhood, I would grab a pair of toenail clippers. Not that I’m too much of a princess but I don’t want to gag from seeing nasty nails before I die. oh btw that sweetass backpack.