Nerdist News: Costumes, Commentary and Dan Casey!

Jessica Chobot is reenacting Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, but because he plays by the rules, Dan Casey is still in gym class right now. Or… he’s hosting today’s Nerdist News!

Dan is going to walk you through all of the nerd headlines hitting the web today and give us his commentary on the new looks in fandom fashion. First up is our look at the debut of Peter Capaldi’s new duds on Doctor Who. We’re also sharing our concerns about a few of the X-Men’s choices in uniform as we take a look at the 25 Empire Magazine covers featuring the stars of the new film.

Will Neill Blomkamp return to the Halo franchise that spurned him before his film was nominated for an Oscar? And finally, what is going on with the Gears of War? Will Microsoft be reaping the spoils of said War forever and ever? Find out in today’s Nerdist News.

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