Important Tips for Nerdist Laser Tag at SDCC with Joe Manganiello

You’ve got your San Diego Comic-Con badge. You’ve booked your flight. You’ve cleared your schedule from 11AM to 5PM on Thursday through Saturday so you can play Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel-themed laser tag with us, 2K, and Gearbox Software at San Diego’s PetCo Park. You’re good to go, right? WRONG! There may not be fall damage in Borderlands, but real life is a whole different story. Safety is, of course, of paramount concern for us, especially when we have 50 people firing lasers all willy-nilly in our custom Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel arena, breathing deep at our oxygen bar, and generally having their faces melted off by the unadulterated awesomeness going down on our live stage.

Thankfully, we found a tape that should explain everything you need to know about this year’s laser tag as explained by the man, the myth, the muscle, Max Tension (Joe Manganiello). So, before you take part in the the laser-fueled Pandorapalooza at this year’s Comic-Con, make sure you watch the video or Max will get angry. Trust us — you wouldn’t want to make Max angry.

What’s your best laser tag pro-tip? Let us know in the comments below.

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