Calling Sifl and Olly

In this week’s edition of Sifl and Olly Video Game Reviews on the Nerdist Channel, they take calls from gamers and tackle a troublesome theme song. You’re on the air!

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  • Every time I was about to get annoyed with the song, another gem of a line pulled me back in. Incredibly well crafted.

    I guess I know what will be keeping me from falling asleep tonight.

  • And when the aliens put you in a trance,
    You simply put your booty in a break dance,
    They never really had any chance,
    O o M a y G a a h!
    As the dead bodies pile up in space,
    You laz them and cotinue the fast chase,
    Without remorse or saying grace,
    O Me Ga!

    ABORT, CANCEL, ERASE! Damn it! it’s stuck in the brain. Nooo…