Just when you thought it was safe to back on the lanes, Nerdist presents another edition of the massively popular and even more fun Chris Hardwick’s All-Star Celebrity Bowling. This edition pits the forces of Team Nerdist (Chris Hardwick, Matt Mira, Ron Funches, and… myself, Matt Cohen) against some of the top talent that WWE has to offer (CM Punk, A.J Lee, Kofi Kingston, and Fandango). In this age old battle of David vs. Goliath (or, in this case, nerd vs professional athlete), who will be able to knock down those pins and come up on top? Sure, the WWE Superstars are amazing in the ring, but how will they fare in the alley? Will Team Nerdist be able to use its knowledge of science fiction and fantasy to improve its bowling game, or will this battle of the brawn go to the “Big kids”?

Also, which team has a deadly weakness for bowling alley nachos?

Find out the answers to all these burning questions and more (like; who won?) on this body slammin’, trash talkin’ edition of the web’s premiere celebrity bowling show.

Also- on a personal note, and as a HUGE WWE fan, this was one of the cooler days of my life. I may not speak much in the video, but that’s because I’m too busy smiling. Also also… I gave CM Punk a piggy back ride. (Also also also- thanks to Chris and everyone at Nerdist and WWE for making this wrestling geek’s dream come true).


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