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Nerdist News: JURASSIC WORLD Updates, FLASH GORDON Reboot, and Google Time-Travel!


Big Pop Fun #101: Tom Solos a Hollywood Lent

In this sleigh ride, Tom takes a solo on his travels, novelists, and philosophers, including Scott Baio. Enjoy!… more

Big Pop Fun #100: Tom Solos Rocky!

It’s the 100th episode of Big Pop Fun, and Tom takes a solo on Ohio, Phoenix, and Rocky. Yeah, he thought the 100th episode would be a bigger deal, too! Enjoy!… more

Nerdist Podcast: William Shatner

The legendary William Shatner chats with Chris and Jonah about his upcoming show Shatner’s World in movie theaters around the country, his love of making people laugh, and his… more

Big Pop Fun #99: James Talks Disney!

After Tom talks about some Tom stuff, our P.I.T. James Arnold Taylor takes time off from voicing Obi Wan Kenobi to talk to Jason Surrell, a Walt Disney… more

Big Pop Fun #98: Tom Solos TV Writing

Tom takes a solo on journalism, recent travel, and writing a set for television without a net! Enjoy!… more

Big Pop Fun #97: Tom Solos Bikes!

Tom has been an avid biker since the Beatles were popular, and he keeps us posted on the ongoing score, which is: Tom – 2, Bike Thieves – 5. Enjoy!… more

Big Pop Fun #96: James Arnold Taylor, M.D. (mucho dialogue)

In this episode, Tom gets back on the horse after some time at an undisclosed location, and hands the reins over to James Arnold Taylor, P.I.T. (podcaster in… more

Big Pop Fun #95: Tom Solos Machete!

Tom takes a solo on the famous film director Taylor Hackford, and those two Hollywood legends that simply can’t be thought of without immediately thinking of the other – Helen… more

Big Pop Fun #94: Ron Young

Ron Young has a life, and job, that are out of the ordinary. He’s a priest. Reverend Ronald Wayne Young, OMI, came by Wilson World, and Tom asked him about… more

Big Pop Fun #93: Tom Solos Life

In this episode, Tom takes a solo on the richness of life, Coca-Cola, and the “Liberty Bell March.” Enjoy!… more

Big Pop Fun #92: Tom Solos Auditions

Tom has auditioned for many thousands of projects. He’s been hired on two hundred or so, tops. That should tell you something. Enjoy!… more

Big Pop Fun #91: Tom Solos Toughness

Tom is tough. He is so tough that he once slid on broken glass and threw a guy over a lunch table. But only if you heard about it, not… more

Big Pop Fun #90: Greg Carpenter

Greg Carpenter has been at the center of the tech boom since its inception. He’s been up to his elbows in the digital age, from satellites to cell phones, music… more

Big Pop Fun #89: Travis Clark

Travis Clark is an accomplished actor, comedian, and podcaster (Tiny Odd Conversations), as well as the son of Blake Clark, the American folk hero made incredibly famous by the Big… more

Big Pop Fun #88: Emilio Palame

Emilio Palame is a consummate musician, composer, arranger and producer, and talks to Tom about Buffalo, Peggy Lee, and Fredonia State University. Go Blue Devils!… more

Big Pop Fun #87: James Arnold Taylor (2)

Voiceover legend James Arnold Taylor returns to Big Pop Fun to talk with Tom about his two dads, his vital role in the Star Wars universe, and his forays into… more

Big Pop Fun #86: Jonathan May

Jonathan May is a composer and pianist of wide and varied experience, from performing his works at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., to playing ragtime piano at Disneyland… more

Big Pop Fun #85: Tom Solos Music!

Tom takes a solo on the tuba, the guitar, and the eyepatch. Enjoy!… more

The Mutant Season #90: Tom Wilson Returns!

The always fun Tom Wilson returns to the podcast to talk about what he has planned for the summer and more! Listen to Tom’s podcast Big Pop Fun! Support The… more

Big Pop Fun #83: Tom Solos in Fives

Tom takes a solo on Joe Don Baker, baseball, and Scott Baio, with an added bonus or penalty song, depending on how much or little you like it. Enjoy!… more

Big Pop Fun #82: Tom Solos Disney

Tom takes a solo on Hollywood, Cinderella, and onomatopoeia, the last one being the hardest to spell. Enjoy!… more

Big Pop Fun #81: Scott Lewis, Part 2

Scott Lewis continues his honest conversation with Tom, as they talk about the nature of Hollywood, celebrity, ego, and the effects they have on real life…. more

Big Pop Fun #80: Scott Lewis

Scott Lewis has been an observer of Hollywood and its grand insanity for a lifetime, but With a dad like Jerry Lewis, how could he not see a few things?… more

Big Pop Fun #79: Jeff Altman

Jeff Altman is a comedian and actor with decades of experience who started out along with David Letterman, Jay Leno, and the small group of comics who revolutionized show business… more