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Nerdist News: Possible STAR TREK 3 Director, DRAGON AGE: INQUISITION Trailer, and Wooly Mammoths!


Sex Nerd Sandra #74: Blow Each Other Away!

MOUTH ORGASMS, FACIAL FACIALS, & 90 DAYS OF ORAL SEX! Sex educator and author of “Blow Each Other Away” Jaiya Ma returns with partner D. Love to talk about their… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #73: Sexy Resolutions and Reveries

LISTENER SEX FAILS & THE GREAT CAR SOLO SEX DEBATE OF 2013! Sandra & Dave get nostalgic for 2012 and reveal their sexy resolutions for the year to come, learning… more

Nerdist Podcast: William Shatner

The legendary William Shatner chats with Chris and Jonah about his upcoming show Shatner’s World in movie theaters around the country, his love of making people laugh, and his… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #72: Radical Flirting

ANXIETY BONERS, INNUENDOS, & SEXY SAFE SEX! Sex & relationship expert Reid Mihalko calls in to break down flirting do’s and don’ts. It’s our first phone interview!!! TOPICS: Lots of… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #71: Long Distance Loving

PHONE SEX, USED PANTIES & OTHER NAUGHTY IDEAS! Adrien & Jeremy Gonzalez join Sandra & Dave for a long distance love story and why it worked out. TOPICS: Romantic Montage,… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #70: Sex Toys and Tangents

RULE 34, GLASS TOYS, & NAKED DANCE PARTY! Sandra & Dave get a surprise chance to be alone. TOPICS: Ridiculous Custom Vibrators, Mr. Bucket, Back Massagers, iPhone Humping, Toy Purchase… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #69: Crazy Love

LOVE IS LIKE COCAINE and other fun facts! HuffPost’s science correspondent Cara Santa Maria joins Sandra & Dave to discuss equations of the heart. TOPICS: Love Chemicals, Research, Feelings of… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #68: Eat Pie, Get Stuffed

PUSSY CAT LICKS PIE! Sandra & Dave literally eat pie and enjoy their week off from podcasting by podcasting. TOPICS: Conan the Barbarian Man Flesh, Grocery Store Drugs, 9 1/… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #67: Hands-on Arousal

SANDRA GETS TOUCHED A LOT & DAVE ASKS QUESTIONS! Sexological body worker Lara Catone talks pleasure & arousal, including her session with Sandra. TOPICS: Sex Labbing, Witnessing, Genital Mapping, Blood… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #66: Red Hot Touch

DAVE GETS TOUCHED A LOT & SANDRA WATCHES! Somatic sexologist, author and sex genius Jaiya Ma blows Sandra’s mind with SO MUCH hands-on knowledge! TOPICS: Sex Lab Hypothesis, Fingering Techniques,… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #65: Sex Nerd Nina Hartley!

Swingers, dirty talk, & orgasmic ego boosts! Sex icon Nina Hartley nerds out on juicy tidbits. Topics: Erotic Brain Structure, Kinky Venn Diagram, Yang Energy, Sex Environments, Fantasy Privacy, Giving &… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #64: Sexual Empowerment

Nerd Mating Dance and Exercises for Better Sex! Amy Jo Goddard spills the dirt on becoming a sexually empowered earthling. But first, Mo Fathelbab & Ben Dunn of the Nerdist… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #63: Sex Nerds Unite!

ANAL G-SPOTTING, SEX SOUNDS, & SEX GEEK RETREATS! Sandra reveals her secret motives behind her new show. Dave & Sandra talk Sumo Wrestling, Dildos, Making Out with Smokers, Sandra’s Sex… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #62: Roleplay Pervertibles

SPANKING POWDER, SEA MONKEYS & ROLEPLAY PARTY GAMES! Emily Prior & Tim Woodman join Sandra & Dave to discuss the beautiful freshness of what roleplay can bring to a relationship…. more

Sex Nerd Sandra #61: Policing Porn

OBSCENITY LAWS, GUILTY FEELINGS & THE JUDGY HAND OF JUSTICE. First Amendment, Intellectual Property, and Entertainment attorney Allan B. Gelbard schools Sandra on the ways of the law. TOPICS: Lustful… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #60: Sex and Politics: An Awkward Democracy

STRIP CLUB TAXES, FEAR & INNOCENCE! Sandra & Dave answer emails on under & overactive erections. THEN Dr. Marty Klein, MFT sheds light on the intersection of Sex and Emotion… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #59: Sex Rules! With Maria Falzone

SEXUAL SENSES, FUTURE BREEDERS & MAGIC SPERM! Sandra & Dave answer an email on an angled dangle and discuss brand spankin’ new sex conference Catalyst Con! Then hilarious powerhouse &… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #58: No Babies Allowed

CONTRACEPTION, SPERMICIDE & ENDLESS THEORETICAL WEIGHT GAIN! Oh, man! Nurse Practitioner Patty Cason returns to handle the mysteries of keeping the uterus baby-free. But first, Dave harasses Sandra with his… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #57: HPV, STIs & TMIs

FACE HERPES, TESTY TESTERS, & the CANCER VACCINE! Part 1 of 2 Episodes on STD & Contraceptive Basics, veteran Nurse Practitioner Patty Cason lays down the STI knowledge, focusing on… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #55: The Penis Power Hour

MYTHS & FACTS on ERECTION STRENGTH, SIZE & STAMINA! Urologist Dr. Dudley Danoff uses his 40 years of experience to help Sandra & Dave understand the Hard & Soft of… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #54: Sexual Shame and Healing

HANGOVER SEX, METACOGNITION and MASCULINITY! Sandra & Dave stop over in San Francisco to chat it up with sex educator & blogger Charlie Glickman! TOPICS: Sexual Shame’s Many Emotions, Good… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #53: More Than the Tip with Chris Hardwick!

BLOWUP DOLLS, VIRGINITY and PANTY RIPPING! Nerd king Chris Hardwick & Sandra’s BFF Yvette Baker join Sandra & Dave on stage for a one-year anniversary full of laughter and stories…. more

Sex Nerd Sandra #52: Japan: Nippon Nookie

RED LIGHT DISTRICT, LOVE HOTELS and PENIS SNUGGIES! Sandra shares her recent adventure delving into Japanese sex & relationship culture. Dave proves the strength of their latex. TOPICS: Sneaking into… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #51: Sex Q&A: Vag, Dating & Trolls

GENITAL INTERFACING, BATTLESTAR GALLACTICA ROLEPLAY & HUGS! Sandra and Dave take questions from listeners. It’s super fun time! Topics include: bikini waxes, eye-watering vaginal scent, erotic fan fiction, Dave’s feelings,… more