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SET LIST: The Sklar Brothers


Sex Nerd Sandra #74: Blow Each Other Away!

MOUTH ORGASMS, FACIAL FACIALS, & 90 DAYS OF ORAL SEX! Sex educator and author of “Blow Each Other Away” Jaiya Ma returns with partner D. Love to talk about their… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #73: Sexy Resolutions and Reveries

LISTENER SEX FAILS & THE GREAT CAR SOLO SEX DEBATE OF 2013! Sandra & Dave get nostalgic for 2012 and reveal their sexy resolutions for the year to come, learning… more

Join Nerdist at Wondercon This Weekend! UPDATE: Chris Hardwick Signing Sunday!

UPDATE: We’ve added a signing with Chris Hardwick himself on Sunday 2-3 PM!  UPDATE: Jessica Chobot has been added to the Nerdist Panel on Sunday at 12:00PM! Details below…… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #72: Radical Flirting

ANXIETY BONERS, INNUENDOS, & SEXY SAFE SEX! Sex & relationship expert Reid Mihalko calls in to break down flirting do’s and don’ts. It’s our first phone interview!!! TOPICS: Lots of… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #71: Long Distance Loving

PHONE SEX, USED PANTIES & OTHER NAUGHTY IDEAS! Adrien & Jeremy Gonzalez join Sandra & Dave for a long distance love story and why it worked out. TOPICS: Romantic Montage,… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #70: Sex Toys and Tangents

RULE 34, GLASS TOYS, & NAKED DANCE PARTY! Sandra & Dave get a surprise chance to be alone. TOPICS: Ridiculous Custom Vibrators, Mr. Bucket, Back Massagers, iPhone Humping, Toy Purchase… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #69: Crazy Love

LOVE IS LIKE COCAINE and other fun facts! HuffPost’s science correspondent Cara Santa Maria joins Sandra & Dave to discuss equations of the heart. TOPICS: Love Chemicals, Research, Feelings of… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #68: Eat Pie, Get Stuffed

PUSSY CAT LICKS PIE! Sandra & Dave literally eat pie and enjoy their week off from podcasting by podcasting. TOPICS: Conan the Barbarian Man Flesh, Grocery Store Drugs, 9 1/… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #67: Hands-on Arousal

SANDRA GETS TOUCHED A LOT & DAVE ASKS QUESTIONS! Sexological body worker Lara Catone talks pleasure & arousal, including her session with Sandra. TOPICS: Sex Labbing, Witnessing, Genital Mapping, Blood… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #66: Red Hot Touch

DAVE GETS TOUCHED A LOT & SANDRA WATCHES! Somatic sexologist, author and sex genius Jaiya Ma blows Sandra’s mind with SO MUCH hands-on knowledge! TOPICS: Sex Lab Hypothesis, Fingering Techniques,… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #65: Sex Nerd Nina Hartley!

Swingers, dirty talk, & orgasmic ego boosts! Sex icon Nina Hartley nerds out on juicy tidbits. Topics: Erotic Brain Structure, Kinky Venn Diagram, Yang Energy, Sex Environments, Fantasy Privacy, Giving &… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #64: Sexual Empowerment

Nerd Mating Dance and Exercises for Better Sex! Amy Jo Goddard spills the dirt on becoming a sexually empowered earthling. But first, Mo Fathelbab & Ben Dunn of the Nerdist… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #63: Sex Nerds Unite!

ANAL G-SPOTTING, SEX SOUNDS, & SEX GEEK RETREATS! Sandra reveals her secret motives behind her new show. Dave & Sandra talk Sumo Wrestling, Dildos, Making Out with Smokers, Sandra’s Sex… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #62: Roleplay Pervertibles

SPANKING POWDER, SEA MONKEYS & ROLEPLAY PARTY GAMES! Emily Prior & Tim Woodman join Sandra & Dave to discuss the beautiful freshness of what roleplay can bring to a relationship…. more

Sex Nerd Sandra #61: Policing Porn

OBSCENITY LAWS, GUILTY FEELINGS & THE JUDGY HAND OF JUSTICE. First Amendment, Intellectual Property, and Entertainment attorney Allan B. Gelbard schools Sandra on the ways of the law. TOPICS: Lustful… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #60: Sex and Politics: An Awkward Democracy

STRIP CLUB TAXES, FEAR & INNOCENCE! Sandra & Dave answer emails on under & overactive erections. THEN Dr. Marty Klein, MFT sheds light on the intersection of Sex and Emotion… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #59: Sex Rules! With Maria Falzone

SEXUAL SENSES, FUTURE BREEDERS & MAGIC SPERM! Sandra & Dave answer an email on an angled dangle and discuss brand spankin’ new sex conference Catalyst Con! Then hilarious powerhouse &… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #58: No Babies Allowed

CONTRACEPTION, SPERMICIDE & ENDLESS THEORETICAL WEIGHT GAIN! Oh, man! Nurse Practitioner Patty Cason returns to handle the mysteries of keeping the uterus baby-free. But first, Dave harasses Sandra with his… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #57: HPV, STIs & TMIs

FACE HERPES, TESTY TESTERS, & the CANCER VACCINE! Part 1 of 2 Episodes on STD & Contraceptive Basics, veteran Nurse Practitioner Patty Cason lays down the STI knowledge, focusing on… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #55: The Penis Power Hour

MYTHS & FACTS on ERECTION STRENGTH, SIZE & STAMINA! Urologist Dr. Dudley Danoff uses his 40 years of experience to help Sandra & Dave understand the Hard & Soft of… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #54: Sexual Shame and Healing

HANGOVER SEX, METACOGNITION and MASCULINITY! Sandra & Dave stop over in San Francisco to chat it up with sex educator & blogger Charlie Glickman! TOPICS: Sexual Shame’s Many Emotions, Good… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #53: More Than the Tip with Chris Hardwick!

BLOWUP DOLLS, VIRGINITY and PANTY RIPPING! Nerd king Chris Hardwick & Sandra’s BFF Yvette Baker join Sandra & Dave on stage for a one-year anniversary full of laughter and stories…. more

Sex Nerd Sandra #52: Japan: Nippon Nookie

RED LIGHT DISTRICT, LOVE HOTELS and PENIS SNUGGIES! Sandra shares her recent adventure delving into Japanese sex & relationship culture. Dave proves the strength of their latex. TOPICS: Sneaking into… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #51: Sex Q&A: Vag, Dating & Trolls

GENITAL INTERFACING, BATTLESTAR GALLACTICA ROLEPLAY & HUGS! Sandra and Dave take questions from listeners. It’s super fun time! Topics include: bikini waxes, eye-watering vaginal scent, erotic fan fiction, Dave’s feelings,… more