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Nerdist News: JURASSIC WORLD Updates, FLASH GORDON Reboot, and Google Time-Travel!


Sex Nerd Sandra #96: OkCupid Casanova

ONLINE DATING FOR WEIRDOS! (and everyone else) Outlier Jason Porath breaks down his secrets to online dating success. TOPICS: “Rantallion,” Gender Divide, What You Want, Dynamic Profiles, LOL Failings, Personal… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #95: Girl-on-Girl on Girl-on-Girl

LESBIANS ARE PEOPLE, TOO! Comedian dynamo Cameron Esposito shares the mating call of the asymmetrical haircut. TOPICS: Hand Genitals, What Sex Looks Like, Lesbian Sex Myths, Porn, Fingernails, Bi/Gay… more

Nerdist Podcast: William Shatner

The legendary William Shatner chats with Chris and Jonah about his upcoming show Shatner’s World in movie theaters around the country, his love of making people laugh, and his… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #94: Sex for a Lifetime

NO EXPIRATION DATE! Author of “Naked at Our Age,” senior sexpert Joan Price dishes on getting sexy like a fine wine. TOPICS: The Ick Factor, Myths, Menopause, Getting in the… more

JV Club #63: Sex Nerd Sandra

Synergy Alert! Firing on all cylinders (and then some), Janet and Episode 63 guest Sandra Daugherty (Sex Nerd Sandra) give each other brain orgasms with a deep dive into intimacy… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #93: Touch-Yourself-a-Thon

HAPPY MASTURBATION MONTH! Comedian Mike Black & Sex Ed Legend Carol Queen help celebrate Team Fun when it’s a team of one! TOPICS: Listener Letter, Vibrator Coasting, The Journey, Porn… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #92: Clown Sex

‘NUFF SAID. Joyfully irreverent sex educators Sunny Megatron and Ken Melvoin-Berg share a world where everything tastes just a little bit funny. TOPICS: Mime Safewords, Elephants, Coulrophobia and Killer Clowns, … more

Sex Nerd Sandra #91: Kinky Poly Family

KINKY COSPLAY, BDSM, and POLYAMORY! Long time dominant Orpheus Black and his sub Indigo share their intimate, loving harem household. TOPICS: Fetlife (again!), Cheating, Open Relationships, Fateful Fisting, “Team Predator!”… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #90: In Hot Pursuit

LEARNING THE VALUE OF THE B*TCHFACE. Sandra investigates a world where everyone wants your number. Comedian Eli Olsberg weighs in. TOPICS: Speed Dating, Yuri’s Night, Mari’s Mob, The Fedex… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #89: Prostate Play: Take It Like a Man!

ALL THINGS PROSTATE! Dr. Charlie Glickman gives us a sneak peak into his book, “The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure,” co-authored with Aislinn Emirzian with the What, Where, Who, How &… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #88: Wicked Sex with Jessica Drake

SEXUAL FANTASIES, ORGASM COACHING, & THE MAKING OF A PORN STAR. Adult actress, director & sex educator Jessica Drake teaches Sandra about porn sex. TOPICS: Anal Sex, Special Doggy, Porn… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #87: Sex Down Under

HARDCORE KOALAS, AUSTRALIAN STDs, & VULVA CUPCAKES! Sex educator & community organizer Kate McCombs shares wisdom from the land down under. But first, a little life update with friend Jason… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #86: Awkward Moments

THREESOMES, CONSPIRACY THEORY, & FONDLING! Sandra searches for social certainty with comedian Guy Branum & Monica Moon. TOPICS: Bedroom Communication, Social Science, Lawyer People, Spectrum People, Defining the Awkward, Beyonce… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #85: James Deen & Satin Sheets

PORN, CUDDLING & THE RETURN OF THE TIP! Sandra giggles with James Deen over cat pictures after bedtime with Jason Porath. TOPICS: Indian Dance Clubs, Sexy D20s, Masturbation, the Morning… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #84: Sexual Healing

Therapist Kate Loree shares healing tools for sexual abuse survivors. Everyone gets major life skill points for listening to this episode. TOPICS: Steubenville, Rape Culture, Butthole Equality, Therapists, Startling Stats,… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #83 – Happy Steak & BJ Day!

‘TIS THE SEASON! Sandra brings together gal pals Yvette and Rachael for girl-talking the realities of the beej. TOPICS: Tongue genetics, BJ Class Takeaways, Important Feedback, Being in the Zone,… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #82: Dave & Sandra Breakup

FEELINGS, FEELINGS, AND MORE FEELINGS! Sandra and Dave hug goodbye after a long talk about the ups and downs of their on-air relationship. TOPICS: New York Decompression, The Call of… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #81: Dorm Room Deeds

A VASSAR COLLEGE EXCLUSIVE! Recording live from their annual NonCon, Sandra and Dave invite Giggles employees Angela and Jennifer to talk local sex store wisdom and learn what college students… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #80: Sex at the Movies – “The Sessions”

SEX SURROGACY, DISABILITY, and JUICY BEHIND-THE-SCENES DETAILS! The Sessions writer/director/powerhouse Ben Lewin & sex surrogate Cheryl Cohen Greene talk live on-stage with Sandra on the making of the… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #79: Looking for Love

SINGLES MIXERS, ONLINE DATING, & FIRE PLAY! Nerdist’s Monica Moon and game developer Ivan Van Norman join Sandra and Dave on stage live at NerdMelt for a round of “Wow,… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #78: Big Sexy Grey Area

FIRST KISS PROTOCOL, POLYAMORY, & CONDOM TECHNOLOGY! Sex-positive cartoonist Danielle Corsetto shares tips on writing, dating and kissing. TOPICS: Character Development, Pony/Puppy/Bunny BDSM, Cheating, Honesty, Jealousy, GIF silliness,… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #77: Exiting the Friend Zone

EPIC NERDY LOVE STORY! Dating advice podcaster Harris O’Malley a/k/a. Dr. Nerdlove & wife Catherine Burke O’Malley (LEOG podcast) share how he married out of the friend zone!… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #76: Healthy Kink

BDSM, SWINGING, & POWER PLAY! Psych grad student & researcher Ryan Witherspoon stimulates our ears with kinky knowledge! TOPICS: Swingers vs Polyamory, Psychological Research, Healthy Kink, Pain vs. Sensation, Stress-Reduction,… more

Sex Nerd Sandra #75: Sex, Tech & Tequila

MIND-READING HEADBANDS, VIBRATING MICE, & REAL DOLLS! Guest co-host, comedy writer and illustrator Jenny Fine joins Sandra in an accidentally alcoholic CES roundup! TOPICS: Dicks in our Faces, Calling All… more