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Nerdist News: Lady Gaga Goes Gaga for Hatsune Miku


Making It #74: Mike Farah

Riki talks to the president of production at Funny or Die, Mike Farah (Billy on the Street, Between Two Ferns, Funny or Die Presents), about chance encounters, hard work, and… more

Making It #73: Ron Weiner

Riki talks to writer Ron Weiner (Arrested Development, 30 Rock) about The Harvard Lampoon, writing on a schedule, and learning from the best…. more

Join Nerdist at Wondercon This Weekend! UPDATE: Chris Hardwick Signing Sunday!

UPDATE: We’ve added a signing with Chris Hardwick himself on Sunday 2-3 PM! Details below… As convention season, which seems to be competing with road construction season for longest of… more

Making It #72: G&O at the O.G. with Colin Hanks

G&O in the O.G.!  Garfunkel and Oates podcasts with Making It favorite Colin Hanks at the Olive Garden in Glendale, CA…. more

Making It #71: Rob Huebel

Riki talks to actor Rob Huebel (Childrens Hospital, Hell Baby, The Descendants) about day jobs, Human Giant, and creating your own material…. more

Making It #70: Paul Scheer

Riki talks to actor Paul Scheer (The League, Hell Baby, NTSF: SD: SUV) about improv, partnerships and creating his own TV shows…. more

Making It #69: Natasha Leggero

Riki talks to actress/comedian Natasha Leggero (Burning Love, The Roast of James Franco, Suburgatory) about standup, bad boyfriends, and Holly Hunter…. more

Making It #68: Ben McKenzie

Riki talks to actor Ben McKenzie (Southland, Junebug, The O.C.) about summer theater, early success, and shows that get a second chance…. more

Making It #67: Tig Notaro

Riki talks to comedian Tig Notaro (Live, The Sarah Silverman Program, In a World…) about touring, timing, and learning to handle change…. more

Making It #66: Garfunkel and Oates at the Olive Garden

G&O from the O.G.!  Riki’s band Garfunkel and Oates podcast live from an Olive Garden near Nashville, TN…. more

Making It #65: Colin Hanks

Riki talks to actor Colin Hanks (Dexter, King Kong, Orange County) about theater school, life changes, and beer on ice…. more

Making It #64: Jay Chandrasekhar

Riki talks to director/writer/actor Broken Lizard’s Jay Chandrasekhar (Super Troopers, Club Dread, Dukes of Hazzard) about his DIY beginnings, nudity, and getting things made…. more

Making It #63: Sara Schaefer

Riki talks to comedian/writer/podcaster Sara Schaefer (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, You Had To Be There) about stand up, DIY podcasting, and dating comedians. Follow @saraschaefer1 on Twitter!… more

Making It #62: Shiri Appleby

Riki talks to actress Shiri Appleby (Girls, Life Unexpected, Roswell) about being a child actor, weird auditions, and becoming a director…. more

Making It #61: Thomas Middleditch

Riki talks with actor/comedian Thomas Middleditch (The Campaign, Fun Size, The Office Spinoff) about improv, nudity and the definition of a comedian…. more

Making It #60: Sophia Rossi

Riki talks to producer and Hello Giggles co-founder Sophia Rossi about the reality of The Hills, working with partners, and feminism…. more

Making It #59: Nate Corddry

Riki talks with actor Nate Corddry (Harry’s Law, The Daily Show, United States of Tara) about getting his start in theater, high pressure auditions, and brotherly love…. more

Making It #58: Moshe Kasher

Riki talks with comedian/writer/actor Moshe Kasher (The New Normal, Conan) about starting in San Francisco, big breaks and writing a book. Buy Moshe’s book “Kasher in the Rye”!… more

Making It #57: BriTANicK

Riki talks with NYC based comedy duo BriTANicK (Brian McElhaney and Nick Kocher) about girls, being in a partnership and turning internet notoriety into tangible career success…. more

Making It #56: Fran Kranz

Riki talks with actor Fran Kranz (Cabin in the Woods, Dollhouse, Death of a Salesman) about auspicious beginnings, being on Broadway and dealing with disappointment…. more

Making It #55: Jorge Garcia

Riki talks with actor Jorge Garcia (Lost, Alcatraz) about auditions, art as a business, and being on that island…. more

Making It #54: Alison Rosen

Riki talks with podcaster/TV presenter Alison Rosen (The Adam Carolla Show/Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend) about freelance writing, relationships and landing her dream job. Listen to… more

Making It #53: Jenny Mollen

Riki talks with actress/writer Jenny Mollen (Crash, Angel, Crazy Stupid Love) about Twitter, nude scenes, and marking her territory…. more

Making It #52: Kathryn Burns

Riki talks with choreographer/dancer Kathryn Burns (Freak Dance, Childrens Hospital, Key and Peele) about dance auditions, transitioning to choreography and working in comedy…. more