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Tuition for all classes (improv, sketch, etc.) is priced at $350
Although… there IS a code that gets you $25 dollars off tuition price.  To find the special code word, simply click here – figure out the solution to the puzzle and enter it into the “CODE” box at the bottom of the class signup form.
Good Luck!


Improvisational comedy is based on the fundamental concept of living in the moment, listening and adapting to the world around you, and supporting one another in creating comedic moments and rich environments.

Tuesdays  7pm-10pm
Starting December 9th, 2014

[DEC 9th-FEB 3rd]
Instructor: MONIKA SMITH


Monika is an actor and writer from Canada who modeled internationally until she realized that she liked smiling and eating more than standing and posing. She has performed for years at UCB LA & UCBNY, The Second City Toronto Touring Company, Second City LA, iO Chicago, iO West and the Annoyance Theater. You can still see her performing in multiple theaters across LA.

She’s also acted in Who Gets The Last Laugh?, Newsreaders, Newsroom, Joe Schmo Show, Two And a Half Men, Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time, Disaster Date, Players, The Tonight Show and Conan.