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Tuition for all classes (improv, sketch, etc.) is priced at $350
Although… there IS a code that gets you $25 dollars off tuition price.  To find the special code word, simply click here – figure out the solution to the puzzle and enter it into the “CODE” box at the bottom of the class signup form.
Good Luck!


Improvisational comedy is based on the fundamental concept of living in the moment, listening and adapting to the world around you, and supporting one another in creating comedic moments and rich environments.

Thursdays  4pm-7pm
Starting January 22nd, 2015

[JAN 22nd-Mar 12th]
Instructor: Rebekka Johnson


Rebekka has taught improv for 10+ years at The PIT in NYC, UCLA and Columbia University. She’s a writer, producer and director of Speakeasy, a talk show hosted by Paul F. Tompkins and co-creator of The Apple Sisters, an award winning musical comedy trio who’ve produced countless live shows, two albums and many videos. She’s written for Slate V, Chow and Atomic Wedgie. She’s directed stage shows including, The New York Smiths, Rachel Bloom is a Triple Threat and The Irish Peddlers.


Sundays  1pm-4pm
Starting January 25th, 2015

[JAN 25th-Mar 21st]
Instructor: MONIKA SMITH


Monika has improvised at UCBLA & UCBNY, Second City Touring Company, Second City LA, iO Chicago, iO West and the Annoyance Theater. She’s acted in Who Gets The Last Laugh?, The Newsroom, Two And a Half Men, Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time, Disaster Date, The Tonight Show and Conan. You can see Monika improvise Sundays at 8pm at the Nerdist School Stage withThe Faculty.


You already have stories in you, that can crack up an audience, you just need to sharpen them up. Whether you want to perform or just be more interesting at parties, this class shows you step-by-step how to make your stories entertaining, engaging and funny. You’ll have funny stories ready to tell for the rest of your life. This class ends with a performance on the Nerdist School Stage.

Saturdays  4pm-7pm
Starting January 10th, 2015

[JAN 10th-FEB 28th]
Instructor: JOHN FLYNN


John has performed, written and directed at UCBNY since 2004. He’s a regular onNights of Our Lives, a monthly storytelling show, and for two years hosted Oh Hey Guys, a storytelling open mic. He has appeared on Risk!, The Moth, Sideshow Goshko, and The Story Collider. He co-created Showgirls: The Best Movie Ever Made. Ever! His one man shows, Themepark Superstar, Baked, and Dances With Pitchforks, have been performed at Caroline’s Comedy Club, the UCBNY and LA. He has been published in The Daily News, Go Metric Magazine and Worst Laid Plans: a book about Craigslist hook-ups.