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  • @BZArcher – Guys, will any of you be performing in Ohio sometime soon?

    Also, question for Chris: I’m a straight bowler who inherited a nice urethane ball from my dad. I need to get it re-drilled. Would you go conventional grip, or fingertip?

  • Just got up to date with the rebooted Dr. Who. I wanted watch some of the older stuff but I am completely overwhelmed with the amount of stuff that’s out there. Any suggestions on what to watch?

    Thanks and can’t wait to see Chris in Boston.

  • Chris, Matt, and Jonah,

    CHRIS: Met you at Gallifrey One, and I have to say THANK YOU. You were very sweet, and the Ten costume looked GREAT. (I was the gal who suggested the saint image of Matt for some FREE MATT MIRA t-shirts. ;p) I went to the con JUST to meet you, and I am pleased to say I was not disappointed. You rock, keep it up!

    MATT: Patience, my fine friend. Chris shall make t-shirts. You shall be liberated from Corporate America. ;p You are a funny motherfucker.

    JONAH: Love you like a cat loves cream, and I hope your arm feels better! Sending you good vibes for a speedy recovery.

    Now all of you…back to work! *cracks whip* MAKE ME LAUGH DURING MY MORNING COMMUTE!! GET A MOVE ON! ….please. ;D

  • I really enjoy listening to the nerdist show, most times I end up laughing aloud and alone on the bus. People are starting to stay away from me so I need to thank you guys for helping me keep the pervs, smelly commuters and chatty old ladies at bay.

    Greetings from Portugal.

  • Maybe you can solve a bet between my friend and I. We want to start a podcast (and I know you have encouraged so recently as well as given some very helpful tips, much appreciated) but we want to do so for different reasons. I want to do it for fun and future promotion of endeavors. He wants to do so as a possible form of income. I’ve always seen podcasts as more of a promotional tool while he thinks there’s # to be made in it as well. Who’s right or are we both wrong?

  • Chris and the others who aren’t important enough to list, thanks so much your funny and great, now twice weekly show. Helps me enjoy my burrito even through the monotony of work. Chris, you chowed down on a Mario Bros. Super Mushroom in Addison I had brought for my birthday. You were super cool and so nice. I really appreciated that and it certainly made my 30th birthday special. My quemment could help solve a debate my best friend and I have had for years: Better movie: SpaceBalls or UHF?

  • Hey fellas,

    One thing I enjoy about your podcast (and others) is getting a feel for the ins and outs of the stand up scene, including the unique vibes of the big established clubs/theaters in LA and NYC.

    I live in Chicago, and just saw that The Laugh Factory will be opening up a location here where the now-defunct Lakeshore Theater used to be. What can I expect from The Laugh Factory as an audience member and potential performer? I’ve been doing improv and sketch out here for three years, but I’ve been thinking maybe I should give stand up the ol’ college try.

    Looking forward to seeing Chris when he’s at Zanies in March!

    Mostest Sincerest and Warmest Regards,

    P.S. I am in full support of the “Hostful” moniker for the Chris/Jonah/Matt podcasts.

  • First off big fan, been following the show since you started. As well as your comedy, Jonah’s, and Matt’s when it starts. My question is what model of podcasting will you be following in terms of building the Nerdist Podcast Empire. Where do you see it going? And if you start making enough revenue from the sponsorship and hopefully the college tours (come to moorpark college, please!) do you think you’ll add video to the podcast on rare occasions like Nerdist Podcast live from Meltdown or Smodcastle whichever it may be. Also, did you enjoy the new Radiohead album? And Jonah don’t you dare make fun of the band or Chris will hurt you. Not because of me but because you give good ideas when your injured. Also any thoughts or predictions about Doctor Who season 6. And also Chris thanks for letting us follow you around on the Ferguson shoot for the Late, Late Show, it was so fun watching and getting to chat with you.

  • Hey Chris, what was the best thing you saw at CES? For me it was the Spekal prototype of the TARDIS iPod dock that should be out sometime later this year. Did you happen to see that as well?

  • Greetings, Lords of the Nerdly Nation!

    I’ll try my best to phrase the following in the form of a quemment, but as the Nerdist and its followers are early-adopters of what will likely become the dominant form of communication, you’ll have to bear with me.

    The audio universe is rife with podcasts – even if you look at just the comedic sphere, anyone who has ever put together a bit or wondered what the deal with airline food REALLY was now has their own ‘cast. Where do you see the trend stabilizing? Will they become (or have they already become) blogs? There was a time where they were new and exciting. Then everyone and their mother had one…and now you rarely hear a blip out of places like Blogger or Livejournal.

    Will podcasts follow the same trajectory – some becoming dominant, powerful forces and the rest of the masses toiling forever in obscurity until they run out of things to talk about? Or will culture adapt in such way – like it has with music, movies, or the internet – where podcasts are a core form of entertainment and news? Meaning, we might not all listen to the same ones, but they’re “big” enough to enter into the common lexicon and Facebook is forced to add a “Favorite Podcasts” field to its “Interests” section? (And sites like don’t tell me “podcasts” is a misspelled word?)

    Anyway, hope there were enough questions and comments in there to meld into one giant Quemment. May the force be with you. Always.

  • My girl is a huge Fantasy/science fiction nerd and I never really could get into them except for the classics like LOTR. Personally, I don’t understand it at all. Her favorite book series is “The Wheel of Time” by Robert Jordan. I wanted to start reading them when I came to the realization that there is 14 BOOKS in the series. 14 300,000+/- word books! Over FOUR million words all together! If you sat down and listened to the audio books in one go, you’d be listening to them for almost 18 days. In comparison, the entire Harry Potter series was only 1.2 million words. She can read all these damn books in about 3 weeks. I’m not fully assured that I could finish them in 3 months. So, my question to the Nerdist: Do you guys like Fantasy/science fiction books and what titles?

  • Jonah, I want to gently try to persuade you of something regarding what you said on the “FRACTURED” episode of the podcast (Sorry about the injury btw).

    “Oh he just HAPPENED to–” blah blah blah. Yes. Agreed. Whatever serves the story is what you should expect when you consume fiction. But giving a pass to things that are obviously too unlikely because they’re the work of bad authors, dismisses the contributions of good authors.

    Continuing with the Knocked Up example (good example), there’s an unlikely event at the start. Good. Movies should start with unlikely events sometimes because the start of a story is where you explain the premise. “Let’s say (such and such) happens.” And you continue from there. Knocked up has a really small leap in believability. Some people can’t stand Sci Fi at all because of the big leaps in believability. God love them, but Sci Fi doesn’t need those people. Point is, if you can’t swallow a *premise* stop watching.

    But you have to (especially in a movie), establish your premise in the first 25 minutes. And you usually only get one piece of magic. Or one McGuffin. Or one coincidence. Just to set a story in motion. So if there are aliens, tell me early on. Writers will sometimes throw in something to explain something from earlier, and it’s obvious that they didn’t know where it was going at the start. Harry Potter #1, Quirrell couldn’t touch Harry… because… Harry’s mother… even though she was dead… enchanted him WITH LOVE… What?!? So he was resistent to Voldermort’s dark magic because he was the only person in the universe whose mother loved him?? J.K. Rowling became a decent writer much later.

    And obviously “deus ex machina” is a bad word, but it works sometimes when the eventuality of a deus ex machina was threaded into the fabric of the world of the movie. Toy Story 3 is a classic example of this. The three-eyed aliens had been wailing about “THE CLAW” for three whole movies. Not only is it logical for them to seek out a giant mechanical claw at the junkyard and want to operate it, but by having that turnaround it gives those minor, comic relief characters an arc. That’s tidy writing, and it deserves credit. On the other hand did you see Tangled? There’s a totally off-the-wall Deus Ex Machina at the very very end of that movie. Yes, the writers just needed there to be a happy ending in the story that they were writing, but you can build a bridge to an unlikely event that gently signals that something is going to happen with good writing.

    I don’t know if you’re convinced, but I did my best. In summary: Good writers make good stories good.

  • Love the podcast, love the show. I was hoping you guys could talk more about nerd (geek) things. You used to but these last few weeks it seems more about comedy and the craft of comedy rather than nerd stuff. Don’t get me wrong, i like them both, but a balance is always nice. Throw in some star wars or talk about the singularity or something comic book related?
    keep up the good work!

  • I thought you had said Joss Whedon was formerly your neighbor. Any chance to get him on as a guest?
    Along the same line, how about Summer Glau? Olivia Munn maybe.
    I love the show. I like the twice a week format also.

  • Hi guys just wondering if and when the zombie apocalypse goes down what three guests that you have had on the podcast would you save and or team up with?

    Keep up the great show and see you in boston chris


  • Love the casting of the pod! I actually get bummed when I check for new ones and nothing is up yet.

    I was wanting to know what podcast have you ben on as a guest? I have listened to you on WTF, Sklarbro Country, and Bagged and Boarded. Have you done others?

  • I have a question in africa will they meet the economic standars as america. (follow up) Do you think Libya will find change because they got a blue print from the Egypians of what not to do and so forth?

  • Long time listener, first time quemment.
    I know you guys mentioned doing a college tour and Chris is doing a couple shows in Mass., but are there any plans to hit New York for a live recording or stand up show?

    Thanks for being a huge inspiration to myself and comedy troupe.

  • Hey Guys, I want start off by saying I learned 160 digits of Pi because of Hard N’ Phirm.

    I got a Twitter because of Chris and eventually saw his tweet about the podcast. I didn’t really know what a podcast was but it was free and I had an iTunes account so I checked it out and loved it. Soon I was addicted, I looked up all of the other stand up comedian podcasts I could find. Doug Loves movies, WTF, Comedy Death Ray ect. I just wanted to let you know that you are helping me with my anxiety and my depression.

    Thank you, I owe you one!

  • Chris, Matt, and Jonah:
    I’ve been moving the past week and the nerdist podcasts have been keeping me sane while I pack and unpacked. I’ve listened to like 20 episodes, and something that keeps coming up from Chris is that concept that you should go do things rather than just talking about them, like operation: free matt. And I want to say you guys are right. So I am going to start up a project to free myself from my 9 to 5 (or at least get some more $$ to do it). I’ll report back sometimes with results.
    And reaffirming what Zoe said, what is the number of people that would be required to get a Nerdist live show in say, San Antonio? 300?

  • Hey there, love the podcasts and thanks for all the funny. This question is for Chris, and you may appreciate it because it could be a great plug-ortunity (plug opportunity). So I am a Chicagoan (Go Bears.. I think that’s one of our sports teams), and am excited to see you perform at Zanies, and can’t help but notice that you are doing 7 shows in a row there. So my question is: when you are doing so many shows like that in a row, is there some kind of groove you get into? Is the first show testing the waters, the second you’re into it. But then is that third show in a row on Saturday going to be like masturbating a dead horse? And most importantly, which show is the best one to get tickets for!


    PS You might also appreciate that my all-graduate student scientist band Lordosis covered your theme for Doug Loves Movies and Doug nicely played it on his show! We did it Velvet Underground style.. if Velvet Underground weren’t very good at playing their instruments or singing.

  • Once upon a time, I think it was the ’90s, I worked for a billiard magazine. The company where I worked also published a bowling magazine, and I think I read that Chris Hardwick was named after Chris “The Madman of Play-by-Play” Schenkel. Can you confirm or deny?

    I occasionally listen to The Nerdist, but often fell I don’t know what’s going on. Could you please do a “…for those who are joining us now” podcast episode so I can fell that I’ve caught up with the nerds that have been listening since the beginning?

    Peter in Chicago

  • -CH, Matt, and Jonah

    I recently started running the radio station at a small college in Ohio once a week. The premise for my show was to introduce students to new, awesome, obscure music. I was never really an indie rock guy but hearing you guys talk about bands like Pavement, The Flaming Lips, The Pixies, etc. I discovered how amazing they are. (I realize these bands might seem commonly known in CA. but in Ohio hardly anybody knows who they are) I was wondering what other bands you’re listening to that are just as awesome that those of us in the middle of nowhere haven’t found yet.

    Ps. love the show!!!!!!
    Pps. New research shows that the burning associated with STD’s (STI’s) can cause scarring of your Anakin pussy which turns it into Vader pussy

  • Hello Machrona (portamento because im lazy)

    Im both a electronic musician and a teenager, and ive been finding it hard to balance my time between the 6.5+ hours a day taken up by school, and making music, any tips?


    P.S. Fantastic show, keep it up, i love the shows that are choc-full o’ host.