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  • Hey guys!

    So what’s the official Nerdist opinion on the Doctor Who Experience that’s opening over in London? Maybe you all should take a trip over there and report back your findings. :)

  • Dear Chris:

    Have you ever thought of shooting an adult film that somehow incorporates candles? Well if you did, you probably know that you wouldn’t even have to change your last name. I’m not saying, I’m just saying. Either way, congratulations to you and the Nerdist collective. I will be waiting for the next opportunity to see a Nerdist-affiliated performance here in Minneapolis. Enjoy YOUR burrito.

  • There are most definitely fat junkies. You mentioned in the first Hostful podcast that you didn’t know whether there were fat junkies, and being a counselor at a rehab clinic, I can tell you that, yes, there are fat people hooked on heroin. Seems paradoxical, but yes, they exist, and more often than you think.

  • I love the podcast and have almost no complaints. Except one. I think the one thing that you should always do no matter what guest you have is that you should always ask how this person got into the field they are in or how they got started out. They can answer with one sentence or you can go into a huge discussion about them. But in my opinion this is always something interesting to hear. Thanks for the podcast and keep up the good work.

  • Just have a question for my statistics project. What do guys (and gals) think of Guys who wear Flip-flops? Choices are:
    A) Go for it
    B) Only at the Beach
    C) Never
    D) Or Custom response.
    Thanks in advance Nerdist team!
    PS. this Show is EPIC!

  • Why are there are lot of nerds/geeks at Skeptic/Athesit events? What are your guys favorite Skeptical topics and what Pesudoscience gives you a case of the Nerd rage?

  • I’ve been an avid listener and big fan since accidentally stumbling onto the podcast about a year ago. I was wondering how the three of you met. You may have already covered this on a previous episode but I love hearing origin stories.

  • Hi,

    I tweeted this, but I hope it’s okay to double post.

    A request more than a quemment:

    Could you perhaps do a brief public service announcement-type thingie that covers which Doctor Who episodes are likely to make a viewer weep? Last of the Time Lords did me in, so I could do with a list of episodes not to watch on public transit.



  • So here is a whopper of a problem that relates to the things you all on the podcast talk about. I have contemplated writing this question to you many times but this time you have provoke me Sir Hardwick. Have at you!

    I currently live in bum-fuck nowhere Arkansas, near Memphis more so than Little Rock (the capital) but I don’t have a reliable means of transportation. This is a problem because I want to begin stand-up. I have thought about just saying ‘fuck school’ and move to LA where the hipster/nerd/geek/techie comedy movement is happening and bask in the juicy awesomeness but that practical, responsible side nags at me continually saying, “You don’t have enough money, a good car, or a job you fucking retard!” So I have a couple of options still left too me and I’m considering doing either or both of them. Option 1: Follow in your footsteps and start a podcast of moderate hilarity. Option 2: Try to get stand up going where I am with the unknown talent around me. I know that comedy is something I want to do and that writing is my life, but the problems that lie ahead (staying here for 3 years to finish my degree, getting a new car to move to a commuter-centric area, being the one to start a comedy movement of my own) are vexing and daunting. I have asked friends and family and they keep saying that it’s up to me and that I should do whatever, which means very little in the ways of advice. So I guess what I’m asking is should I stay and be practical or is the scene in LA to great to pass up right now?

    I hope you have time in your busy schedule to help me out, I would really appreciate it.

    Hashtag HUGSBACK

    PS Sorry to bug. I already posted this on your Nerdist Way page but I just really want this answered.

  • Hey guys (Chris, Matt and Jonah)

    I just wanted to say I’ve been listening to the podcast since the very first episode and I haven’t missed a single one. I myself identify as a comedy nerd (and other types of nerd), so this podcast was quite a discovery for me. Thanks to you guys, I have been exposed to a great number of comedians, podcasts, and other greatness that I had not been aware of, for which I am extremely grateful. Thank you so much for this podcast! I will keep listening until you guys decide to stop (please don’t).

    Thanks again and enjoy your burritos!


  • Hello, I’d like to plug the Help Nathan Buy Firefly site, because, well, I just do. Plug Plug Plug.
    That’s neither question, nor comment, now I feel bad, so here is my question to you:
    If you could bankrupt one company or government, and only one in total not one of each, and use their financial worth to fund a new season of Firefly, written by and starring the original crew, who would it be?

  • Question 1: I usually run in a park when I listen to the podcast. Any tips on how to not look like a weird asshole as I run, laughing and out of breath, by all the nannies lap after lap? I feel like they are judging me more than watching the kids. Which, may I add, turns into the kids clogging all the water fountains with sand.

    Question 2: Am I having an existential breakdown, or do I just hate irresponsible nannies?

  • I saw on the Nerdist Facebook page that you/someone is a Salt and Vinegar chips enthusiast… I am very brand particular when it comes to my S&Vs… My question is if you are too, and if so, what brands do you prefer?

    I’m a big fan of what is becoming the Vast Nerdist Empire and much love to all!

  • Hey guys,

    New listener to the podcast world and quickly became addicted to your show. Growing up was never much of a nerd, save for nerding out over stephen king, indie music, horror movies and the occasional marathon risk game; I was actually captain of HS soccer, swim and tennis teams. Not to brag, I no longer do any sports and and have opted for 2-3 too many burritos since then. However, I always tried to balance the 2 worlds with great measures of succuess. It’s possible! As I settle into my domestic life I find myself nerding over various entertainments. Right now my friends and I are going crazy over a board game you guys might enjoy if you like zombies! It’s called ‘last night on earth’ and combines the strategy of risk, gameplay like Magic the Gathering and campiness of a b-horror movie; many hours of nerdy horror fun. Anyways love what you guys are doing. It’s always a fun listen, you all seem super-cool. If any of you guys find yourselves in Rhode Island you should play the comedy connection in Providence. I’ll definitely be there. Take care from the East Coast.
    Matt Freitas

  • Greetings,

    I have been listening to the podcast since August and have finally caught up. I love it with guests and without.
    Anyway I was wondering if you could have Michael Showalter on the podcast because I love his work and am interested on what he’s been doing.
    Also, I know that Matt, from listening to the podcast, is unsatisfied with working at the Apple store so I was wondering if it’s possible to donate money to the podcast so he can quit and pursue his endeavors. I am a teacher, so you know I don’t shit money, but I am willing to give some because I too know how it feels to work in a place you don’t like.
    Well let me know.

  • Dear Chris “the Nerdist”,
    During your visit at the Gallifrey One con, you may have met people from Chicago. Some of those people help put on Gally’s sister con, Chicago TARDIS. And a few of those people are also members of the Chicago-area Doctor Who fan club called The Chronicles of Who (no relation to Chronicles of Narnia). They meet the 1st and 3rd Friday every month. It just so happens your 4 day stint at Zanies coincides with one of their meeting dates. While I’m sure you won’t be able to stop by and say hi before your shows on Friday night at the club meeting, I have suggested that members have a group outing and see one of your Saturday night shows. So if you hear cheers when you mention Doctor Who, that could be some of them cheering you on. Keep up the good work. Obligatory shout outs: and
    Bill “the Doctor” Rudloff
    P.S. Where is your obligatory shot of you in the TARDIS? I figured that would have been whored out on Twitter by now.

  • To the moderator, please delete my first post. My connection timed out. Plus my second post includes web addresses that should have been in my first post, but didn’t make it. Thanks.

  • Hello nerdists,
    I’m a big fan of the podcast and want to say thanks for making my walk to and from work more enjoyable. I’m curious about your thoughts on the SXSW lineup and the resulting outrage over Tig Notaro as the only woman. As a female comedy nerd, I definitely don’t see this as an intentional slight against female comedians, but I find it fascinating that this story was picked up in the national media. I’m interested in your thoughts on the matter. Thanks again for all the entertainment, please keep up the good work and congrats on the ever-expanding Nerdist empire.

  • Without naming names, I’ve noticed a few of the people you’ve interviewed go from 1st world problems, to humble brags to downright condesention particularly about their careers or interpretation of what a nerd is. I’m wondering, as you write your self improvement for the nerd guide book (you’ve mentioned on podcast but I forgot the actual title), will it discuss how to deal with that type of situation at all? At 30 I still struggle from time to time staying positive when surrounded by attitudes like some of the celebs you have to listen to. Also, any chance you stop by at bananas in Poughkeepsie, ny so me and 20 of my closest friends can see your show before you rock out carolines or something? Alonzo bodden said it was his favorite place to do comedy once!!!

  • Hey guys,
    Big fan of the Hostful podcasts. Really makes me want our friend Kyle Anderson to get on board podcasting with me.
    Here’s my query: if money were no object, what would you guys be doing instead of what you are (Matt; down with day jobs!) or, if what you are doing is your passion, how would you improve or change your current station in life?

    And come do a live Nerdist in NYC. I’m pretty sure I can hook you up with a venue.

    I’ve enjoyed the burrito thus far,

  • Hey Guys,
    Just wanted to say thanks for the shout out to the Santa Cruz Street Light and Rasputin. Love to hear the home town on the interwebs. Also I too have broken my arm so bad that i no longer have full extension in my right arm. I have in fact broken both my elbows and with physical therapy and lots of time I can fully flex the other.

  • Hey guys! There’s been a lot of talk about diets on the podcast, but I’m curious about details! What exactly is a “slow carb” diet? I, for one, have been using one known as the Engine 2 Diet, which is all about plant-based eating, and so far it’s worked wonders! Last year, a golden rule of “no fried foods” and a stronger general awareness of what I put into my body also helped me drop a good 30 pounds. What sort of stuff can you recommend?

  • Guys,
    I was listening to the podcast where you mentioned Matt’s youtube golf cart video and realized I’ve seen it before… on Tosh.0! Does this bug you that it was on a rip-off of Web Soup? Is this some kind of escalation in a Hatfield and McCoy type feud between you and Tosh.0? Just wonderin.
    P.S.: I broke my right hand last week, so I can totally empathize with Jonah right now.
    P.P.S.: I’m from Western Mass, and have been to Riverside/Six Flags many times. Matt, do you think there are any rollercoasters better than the Cyclone? There’s something about that rickety wooden thing that always kicks my ass and leaves me bruised.

  • How long does the Tweaked headphones offer last for?

    Also, I would definitely buy a “Free Matt” or “Believe in the burrito” shirt! Maybe even an iPod Touch case :)

    Guest suggestion: Aziz Ansari

    Would love to hear more women on the podcast as well! Thanks for much for every episode!

  • I am a big fan of this podcast and have been listening since episode 1. Keep it up!! But now I have a guest request I fear will invite ridicule, so hear me out.
    I like in the podcast that you guys talk a lot about the changing landscape that is the relationship between artists and consumers, especially with twitter and facebook and the internet in general. I also enjoy the conversations about “process”.
    So here’s the thing. I’d like to hear you interview the band hanson and here’s why; they are honestly pioneering the process of connecting fans and artists, and are doing amazing things with their website, twitter, streaming etc.
    With the on going collapse and change in the music industry they started their own label and are working on getting around the dying behemoth that are major labels and mainstream radio, and shaping indie music and mobilizing fans to get involved and support artists they believe in.
    I would genuinely be interested in hearing your conversation with them, as a music nerd, and they’d have lots of interesting insight into the music business.
    So there’s my pitch, I hope you’ll consider it, because it could be a good interview. (They were pretty good on jesse thorne’s tsoya, and weird al can vouch for them. He was in their video!!!)
    Genuinely, thanks for the podcast.

  • Hey Dudes,

    I gotta nice hypathitcal for y’all. If each of you could have one round trip in the Tardis, where & when would you go?

    If it was me I’d go to Berlin, 7/7/1980, Led Zeppelins final concert.

    …..i have a feeling one of you will want to go to a Dave Matthews Band concert. I wonder which one, probably Chris.

  • Dear Chris, Matthew, and Jonah

    I love listening to the podcast! I am 16 years old. Meltdown Comics is such a fantasic place! I cannot find any information about their policies. It would be really amazing if you could email me the info about the age limit. I would very much enjoy attending a show that would feature You, Jonah and Matt.

    Matthew D. Wilson

  • Ahoy Gentlemen!

    I am in the unenviable phase of life in which I am forced to live with my parents after six years of college and grad school. I was plucked from sheer obscurity in a thriving metropolis to be plopped back into even further obscurity in ye ole suburbs. So, while I apply for jobs and (dare I say it?) more grad school, I wonder if you guys have any advice for: 1) staying positive about said life and 2) meeting like-minded people within the isolating confines of suburbia.

    You guys seem to have acute insight into the conditions of the young and listless, so I thought I’d turn to you for motivation.

    Thanks for the fantastically free entertainment!

  • Thank you for providing listening entertainment. I take the bus to school and it makes the commute much faster. I wish the length of the podcast is longer. I’m also a fan of Attack! please have any of the hosts on your podcast like Kevin Pereira or Candace Bailey or Sara Underwood. or all of them.

    Question to ya’ll, should i get the Ipad now or wait for the second generation sometime in april? I played with one at the apple store and was amazed. But i dont like being an early adopter. Thanks!

  • Dear Scary Internet People,

    Question! You’re in the middle of the woods, and you’re facing down a 15-ft-tall Grizzly Bear, and it’s mighty pissed off. It’s just killed your comrades, and the only the option out is to kill the fuck out of this Bear. The only weapons near you are a plunger, a can of whip cream, and a quite smashing bowler hat(don’t ask me how they got there, maybe Bigfoot put them there, or Jesus, I don’t know). You must utilize all three, what would be your attack plan? Think hard.

  • Hello Nerdistas

    I was just wondering if any of you are into…or aware of any UK comedians or listen to any UK comedy podcasts? Who d’ya love?
    A few of my favourite podcasts at the moment are

    Here’s to another year.
    Pip, pip and tally ho and…um…don’t go Maori Parpins. What, what, what.
    That is how I actually speak with my british accent. Mayte.


  • Chris, Matt or Jonah,

    Please address this (conspiracy?) for me. Your very first podcast featured slide whistle playing. Adam Carolla’s very first podcast also featured slide whistle playing. What are the odds…your thoughts?

  • Hey Nerdist!
    As if there was any doubt, I just want to make sure you guys know how much I (and everyone else I’m pretty sure) love, love, love the live podcasts. The mixture of honest discussion and talk, with the occasional comedy outburst knowing you have an audience to play with is fucking fantastic. My only regret is living in Sweden and not being able to be in the actual audience.
    In summation: keep doing these! (UNTIL THE END OF DAYS.)

    Regarding the Wil Wheaton podcast, I’d love to hear a repeat of the stories and adventures from the early life of “MirJon” that got deleted when you apparently disabled their microphones during the podcast. I took the liberty of fusing their names as I’m fairly sure from listening to this podcast that they are siamese twins in real life, yes?

    End Of Line.

  • Building off of “Paolo’s” comment above, I’ve been wondering if there’s a reason why none of Hardwick’s G4 cronies [other than Jonah] have been featured on the podcast yet. I bet that even the less-ubiquitous G4 personalities like Chris Gore and Blair Butler would make great Nerdist guests. Has the Galactic Comcast Empire enacted some sort of non-compete clause?

  • Being the nerdist, I thought perhaps you’d be interested in combining 2 very large nerd communities.

    Mike Phirman will be doing a show in seattle in late march. At that show he will be performing with Hank Green, the “co-mayor of Nerdfighteria”. He is at the head of a giant community on youtube, known for Decreasing World suck, Organizing the Project for Awesome (An annual event where hundreds of thousands of dollars are raised for several charities) and writing songs about Angler Fish (among other things) His brother John Green (Author, co mayor, spouse of Yeti) is an amazingly intelligent person who has made many lives richer though youtube and this community all across the net (on youtube, at, in

    I believe that if you were able to get himor especially both of them) on the podcast, there would be a big beautiful entanglement of nerdhood that would gain you a ton of subscribers.

    If you see this, I hope you will consider trying to make this happen, it would be absolutely amazing

  • Love the show. Glad you guys love doing it as well.
    Have you thought about interviewing Tycho and Gabe, cause that would be AMAZING! Think about the size of the whole that would rip in space and time.

  • Hey nerdists! I was just wondering if you were in the midst of creating a nerdist app for android and the iphone, its kind of weird that the most likely podcast to have its own app, doesn’t. I was just wondering, keep up the awesome work!

  • What were your favorite toys as kids?
    For me I would probably list them :
    Microscope kit (I’m 90% sure these first two were the cause of my degree choice of biomedical engineering)
    Star wars/TMNT action figures
    video games

    I’ve donate all my old toys to charity except for my boba fett action figure who sits on my dresser as a reminder to never turn your back on a blind smuggler.

  • Guys,
    I’m commenting on the architect request on Podcast 62. I’m on the other side of the country, but your fantasy space sounds like a fun project. Please contact me. Thanks for the fun, informative podcast!
    P.S. I am a registered architect; here’s my alphabet soup (sorry not a burrito): RA, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP

  • two questions that are ENTIRELY unrelated but obviously very important.

    1) what are your suggestions for trying to see/get into live comedy when you’re underage? not sure how many >21 year olds listen to the podcast (probably as few as the ladies that listen…that makes me the ultra minority, doesn’t it?) but I’m sure they’re wondering too. for example, I’d love to come see Chris at Zanies but unless I find a fake or slut-up for the bouncer, I can’t. ideas? other places to check out comedy?

    2) how would you feel about a female incarnation of The Doctor? I don’t know how Time Lord genders work but perhaps it’s possible. what if it was? (I’d be fascinated by it, but I know the other fan girls — erm, I mean, those fan girls that I do not associate with — would probably riot.)

  • Hey guys, I was just wondering, would you guys ever be willing to make an appearance at a science fiction convention, either collectively or individually, if asked?

    I’m associated with a fan-run con that operates out of the Toronto, and would love to see you guys come out – I also know you’ve got a book coming out to promote, and potentially it would be a good opportunity for any of you to cross-promote an appearance there with a comedy show in Toronto, maybe? I’m just throwing the idea out there.

    I am a HUUUUGE fan, and would love to try to make this happen if at all possible. Let me know if you’re interested and I could let whoever I have to in my organization know you’re interested, and so forth.