Nerdist was started by Chris Hardwick and has grown to be a many headed beast.

The Mutant Season


The Mutant Season: Joel Warner and Peter McGraw of The Humor Code

Joel Warner and Peter McGraw, authors of “The Humor Code,” sit down with Gil to talk about what inspired them to write the book, how humor is different from around the world, and what they think is the funniest thing… more

The Mutant Season: Crystal Dilworth

Neuroscientist Crystal Dilworth chats with Gil about getting people interested in science, doing studies on the brain and more! Follow @mutantseason on Twitter!… more

The Mutant Season: Josh Fadem

Comedian Josh Fadem hangs out with Gil to talk about his inspiration for his sketches, making funny videos, and more! Follow @mutantseason on Twitter!… more

The Mutant Season: Jeremy Yanofsky of LA Makerspace

The events coordinator for LA Makerspace, Jeremy Yanofsky, sits down with Gil to talk about what LA Makerspace is, the importance of being creative, and making fun projects! Find out more about LA Makerspace! Follow @mutantseason on Twitter!… more

The Mutant Season: Adam Rodrigues

Adam Rodrigues hangs out with Gil to talk about growing up in Hawaii, working on Jonah Raydio, and more! Follow @mutantseason on Twitter!… more

The Mutant Season: Auntie Em's Kitchen

Terri Wahl and Michelle Risucci from Auntie Em’s Kitchen in Eagle Rock bring some treats to the studio and sit down with Gil to talk all things desserts! Visit Auntie Em’s Kitchen! Follow @mutantseason on Twitter!… more

The Mutant Season: Len Wein

The legendary comic book writer Len Wein joins Gil in the studio! They talk about how he became a comic book writer, coming up with Wolverine, and what real wolverines look like! Follow @mutantseason on Twitter!… more

The Mutant Season: Kyle Hill Returns!

Scientist Kyle Hill returns to The Mutant Season! He and Gil talk more science news, video games and, of course, aliens! Follow @mutantseason on Twitter!… more

The Mutant Season: Tom Pinchuk

Comic book writer Tom Pinchuk hangs out with Gil to talk Max Steel and all thing comic books! Follow @mutantseason on Twitter!… more