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The Legacy Music Hour


The Legacy Music Hour: Final Episode Podcast In Review

Brent and Rob say goodbye on this final, special episode of The Legacy Music Hour.  Much less focused on the music, the boyz recall fun and funny moments from the past, talk about the reasons why the podcast is ending,… more

The Legacy Music Hour: Best Of Year In Review 3

Once again, Brent and Rob countdown their TOP TEN favorite video game music tracks of the year (Episodes 105 through 155).  This episode marks the completion of three whole years of The Legacy Music Hour.  The tracks selected could only … more

The Legacy Music Hour: Free Play 15.5

The final free play before next week’s Top Ten best of the year countdown.  Brent and Rob come up with some new words and phrases in this episode, but in the end, after 154 photos of them posing something related… more

The Legacy Music Hour: Free Play 15.4

Another free play!  Brent and Rob listen to some buff music that hits their B-spots and they talk about all kinds of stuff like name entry etiquette, hidden lyrics, and Rob’s “shining” moment.  Full track listing below. Game – Composer… more

The Legacy Music Hour: Free Play 15.3

For this free play, Brent is joined by Erich Beckmann and Ryan Olson of the video game music cover band Kirby’s Dream Band.  They talk a lot about Kirby music and a lot about orchestra hits.  Full track listing below…. more

The Legacy Music Hour: Free Play 15.2

Yet another Free Play with Brent and Rob.  Good music, bad Seinfeld impressions.  The boys also unpackage a bunch of gifts.  Also, Brent does a reggae mini-focus.  Full track listing below.   Game – Composer – Song – Company -… more

The Legacy Music Hour: Free Play 15.1

This week, Brent is joined by Brett Elston, host of the video game music podcast, VGMpire.  Brett also works at Capcom Unity, as does Brent’s other guest, Chris Antista, host of the Laser Time podcast.  Also sitting in is Brent’s… more

The Legacy Music Hour: Free Play 15 (Live)

For the 150th anniversary, The Legacy Music Hour records live.  Jordan Morris, Andrew DeWitt, Jerry Rocha, and some LMH users join in and listen to 8-bit and 16-bit era video game music.  Also, one particular listener contributes a very special… more

The Legacy Music Hour: Horse Racing and Fishing Games

Horses and fish are the focus of Episode 149.  That is, horse racing games and fishing games, two marginalized types of video games, though more popular in Japan.  Two topics, one episode.  Brent and Rob do a lot of horse… more