Nerdist was started by Chris Hardwick and has grown to be a many headed beast.



FEaB: Beverly Hills FEaB

Finally, it’s a new FEaB in which Scott and Matt, as they threatened in the last episode, watch Beverly Hills Cop 3 so, as the cliche goes, you don’t have to. But you can sync up your DVD and watch… more

FEaB: Glass Houses

So, Matt and Scott say this one’s about this: “Matt and Scott reflect on the wonders of Billy Joel, try to figure out if they should watch Beverly Hills Cop 3 and play a bunch of music clips in what… more

FEaB: Whimsy

The description, from the guys themselves: “Scott hates whimsy, Matt loves it. Matt also tries to convince Scott that The Last Crusade is the best Indiana Jones movie. Then the boys try to free John McTiernan from prison.” So there’s that…. more

FEaB: Silver Anniversary

What? Silver anniversary? Scott and Matt have done 25 FEaBs already? Yep. Celebrate with them…. more

FEaB: Q and A

Your questions, answered (sort of): Scott and Matt return to the FEaB Bag…. more

FEaB: Pourri

We’re catching up with the guys, and this one brings us up to date. The official description: “Scott and Matt think children should be allowed to marry other children and much, much more. It’s an eclectic Potpourri for you this… more

FEaB: Make It Rain

We’re catching up with Scott ‘n’ Matt! First, the long-delayed posting of Episode 22…… more

FEaB: Delightful

In the latest edition of FEaB, Matt tells Scott what he finds delightful. How adorbs…. more

FEaB: Matt and Scott's Kitchen Nightmare Audio Party!

Says here that in this one, “Scott and Matt discuss Kitchen Nightmares and putting an end to origin stories.” So that’s what they’ve been up to……. more